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A Funny Fix From Blue Shield of California

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Getting sick is never fun. It leaves your body feeling achy, sometimes it’s hard to breathe, you’re always tired, and you don’t have the energy to do much. BUT sometimes the worst thing about being sick is the lack of answers you may have to questions you may have about getting better. Well Blue Shield of CA is helping to change all that by introducing Dr. Jim and Bob's Fun & Helpful Health Advice! Dr. Jim and Bob offer a hilarious and informative approach to the answering health care questions a lot of people may have through a variety of videos. My personal favorite, the Diarrhea Diaries…

Videos to explain causes and cures for other illness are available too. Need to cure your heart burn? A home remedy for laryngitis, maybe? Need a trick to help rid you of cold sores, insomnia, or hiccups? Dr. Jim and Bob have the treatments for you. Best of all, is how easy it is to understand it all. With Dr. Jim speaking the medical garb and his sidekick Bob breaking it all down do all of us a little less knowledgeable of all that medical lingo.  Dr. Jim and Bob were created by Blue Shield of CA, a nonprofit company that provide easy access to alternative care,  great doctor, and great a wide range of affordable health plans.

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