#McQueenInspired #SkullScarves Are Here! #Pictures #FallStyle #Fashion #Scarves - Sammy Makes Six

#McQueenInspired #SkullScarves Are Here! #Pictures #FallStyle #Fashion #Scarves

If you recall exactly three weeks ago I wrote a post about some McQueen inspired scarves that my daughter had been wanting. They arrived today in the mail and I wanted to share some pics so we could all see what kind of quality you get for $5.98. Yes, I got both of these scarves for only $5.98 but right now when I checked the link I found the seller is now selling them for $10.99 a piece. Still a great price but not as good as when I originally posted. 

This is what they looked like online:


And this is what they look like in person.

Photo: Blogged about these #McQueen inspired #skull #scarves a few weeks ago. Will have Monkey review them soon. #skullscarves #designerinspired #blackandwhite  

The material is pretty thin, but that is probably the norm with these type of scarves and the stitching is very lightly done, other than that the scarves look really nice on and are pretty long.

I will have to have Cici take a few outfit shots with them once she gets back. In the meantime my little model helped out so I could take these shots.

See the original post here.

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