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Friday Faves #FridayFaves #TheWalkingDead #votingresults #nail #barniz

AMC's The Walking Dead: By far my favorite show of the moment if not of all time. Seriously if you are not watching this show, you are really missing out. This show isn't just about zombies and guts, though it does have a lot of both, it's about the will to live, love and hate and what crazy people will do once there are no more rules. Sunday's episode was one of the best ones ever, where we lost Lori and T-Dog {who went out like a true hero}. I didn't even find out about this show until they were done with season 1 and I found it on Netflix. So if you have never seen it, that's a great place to start, they currently have season 1 and 2. 


I can't wait to see what happens this Sunday! Who will be the unlucky guy who has to make the formula run for the baby girl??

I am loving the election results. And I am so not gloating here, just stating the facts. I was pretty terrified at what would happen if the Romney/Ryan camp won. I have 5 daughters and I do not believe, not even the tiniest bit, that our bodies should ever be part of any campaign. I also believe in EQUALITY for all. I know the president has not done the best job ever and I really wish he would quit it with his appearances on The View and other tv shows. With so much going on and with so many people out of work and barely making it every day, we don't want to see him on TV or in a magazine talking about fashion. I won't even talk about his wife because I don't have anything nice to say. But really in this case, he was the lesser of two evils and I am glad women survived this election with all our rights intact. 

Wet N Wild Fast Dry: Ebony Hates Chris and Party of Five Glitters dual pack priced at only $1.99. The girls bought this set along with another the other day at Walgreens and once I saw this glittery top coat I had to try it. I have been on a nail polish buying kick lately and spending a lot more than $1 per bottle, so I was super surprised at how good these polishes are. The whole waiting for 10 minutes for each coat to dry is gone, each one of these coats dries in 60 seconds. I did my nails in 10 minutes or less and really loved how they turned out. This color reminds me of twinkling holiday lights and will be perfect for December.

So that's about it for me. Overall it's been a hectic week, no Starbuck's trips, no yummy food, just lots of rush-rush. Looking forward to a relaxing weekend and some reading time.


Ness-Kana and Munkey said...

We will miss you T-Dog. You didn't have any lines and you didn't hardly get any screen time, but you also did not cause as much trouble or drama as the rest of those folks. You will be in our thoughts every Sunday!!

Heather said...

Sad to see T-Dog go but Lori on the other hand it just didn't happen soon enough. It was the best Episode this season yet. I can't wait till tomorrow.