Being Blue Has Never Been Better #GObama #WomenForObama #MarriageEquality #2012Election #WomenSupportingWomen - Sammy Makes Six

Being Blue Has Never Been Better #GObama #WomenForObama #MarriageEquality #2012Election #WomenSupportingWomen

WooHoo! I've never been more proud to be an American, a young woman, a democrat, or a supporter of the LGBTQ community. Today the world has been changed for the better. No more of this ridiculous and injustice "War on Women" and the first disabled woman, the first openly lesbian woman, and the first Asian woman have all been elected into the senate tonight. Gay marriage has officially been passed in Washington, Maryland, and Maine! And of course the most important of news, the people have spoken and President Obama has been reelected as president for the next four years! This country was in such shambles when he took over after former President Bush four years ago and we are just barely getting back on our feet. With President Obama moving us forward, I have no doubt our country will continue to slowly but surely return to being the once great country we used to be.

And can I just say, the Empire State Building has never looked more beautiful!

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