Alexander Mcqueen "Inspired" Skull Scarf Gift Ideas #Skulls #FallStyle #FashionForLess - Sammy Makes Six

Alexander Mcqueen "Inspired" Skull Scarf Gift Ideas #Skulls #FallStyle #FashionForLess

Black/Ivory Skull Scarf

If you don't have an extra $295 laying around for a McQueen skull scarf, but you just LOVE the look, here is a really affordable option for you. In fact here are some really affordable options... 

Skull Print Shawl Scarf - WHITE

This one is $13.97 plus free shipping. 

Skull Print Shawl Scarf - BLACK

 It is $7.99 plus .99 shipping.  

You can order both for $22.97! What  a bargain for sure. And these two are sold via Amazon and are in the states so you will have them within weeks.

BUT if you have some extra time, this is an even better deal. 


Only $2.99 each, two colors available and both have FREE shipping!

Delivery states 15-45 days, our experience is normally three weeks for items send directly from China. At this price though I was able to get my daughter both colors and paid only $5.98!!

If you know any fashionistas, you need to keep these on your shopping list for the holidays. And look how little you are going to spend!

You're welcome :)

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