A Perfect Lazy Day #ChineseFood #GreenApple #Boba #WreckItRalph #lazyday - Sammy Makes Six

A Perfect Lazy Day #ChineseFood #GreenApple #Boba #WreckItRalph #lazyday

Today is a lazy kind of day. When I am feeling lazy and not wanting to do anything, there are always a few small things that make my day the THE PERFECT LAZY DAY like... 

Chinese food consisting of  Chow Mein, Hot Wings, and Teriyaki Chicken. We have our favorite Chinese food restaurant just minutes away from our house. And we eat there at least twice a week. 

One large Green Apple Slush, yummy! This is a recent addition to our Chinese food place, they have the whole assortment of Boba drinks. We tried a few and really were unable to handle the bobas, which have the strangest consistency and taste like wet raisins. But I really do love this green apple slushie, it's sweet and tart and just delish.

And the new Wreck It Ralph game based on the movie. "I'm Gonna Wreck It!". It's nerve wracking and pretty hard and right now I am addicted to it.

How about you, how do you spend your lazy days??

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