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Today We Job Hunt!

It's October 16th and today my girls and I are going out to place job applications for the holiday season. Two weeks ago they started filling them out online, but so far many applications have been filled and yet we have not had one single phone call back. Today we are concentrating on the smaller stores that have actual applications on hand and hire their own personnel. 

I remember my first two jobs, when I was sixteen. I applied at K Mart and was hired within the week of my application. I was there almost half a year when I decided Taco Bell was closer to home (only half a block) and applied there. Again, I was called within two days and also got that job. I was going to school and didn't need the jobs as badly as my girls need theirs now, and it was so easy to get them.

When I see my kids applying at so many places and getting discouraged because they never get called, it makes me realize how bad this economy really is. It's not like they are trying to get a job in an office or a law firm, all they want is a small part-time retail job so they can have some cash for the holidays.   

Anyways, wish us (them) luck. I am just going for moral support and to push them to ask at every single place we find. I hope at least one of them gets lucky.

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tannawings said...

Best of luck to them! I am hoping they find something somewhere.
I have to agree the economy is far far worse than most realize- so many have given up and aren't even counted in the unemployment figures anymore.

Let's hope this improves!

Michael Offutt, Tebow Cult Initiate said...

Good luck on the job hunt. If you get an interview, be sure to hand them a thank you not afterward with your phone number and a reminder that you would love to come in for a second interview.