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Guest Post: Staying Happy and Hydrated: Skincare in the Cold Seasons

The colder months bring with them the potential of dry, itchy skin and require more maintenance to keep your skin looking and feeling great. Fall and winter are great times to update your beauty routine and add elements to your look and wardrobe, like that chic scarf you’ve been eyeing, that shade of red lipstick you’ve been working up the courage to try, or finally getting those human hair extensions that add needed life and body to your hair. All these things are awesome investments, but in order to look as good as you’d like, your skin will need some extra maintenance.

Just because summer is over doesn’t mean you should stop religiously applying sunblock. It’s important to protect your skin all year long from harmful UV rays, especially your face. Invest in a good daily moisturizer that has coverage of at least an SPF 15 and offers both UVA and UVB protection. Sun blocks will help ward off the signs of aging in the future, including uneven coloring and wrinkles. Most importantly, sunblock
helps lessen the risk of skin cancer.

It’s also important to keep your skin hydrated. If you can, reduce the amount of showers you take in the colder months. Washing your skin too frequently can strip away protective oils that lock in moisture, and dry skin leads to breakouts. Also, it’s tempting to take baths and showers in very hot water to warm up in the winter months. Limit these hot luxuries to once every few weeks, and be sure to moisturize directly after to save your skin.

Surprisingly, not all lotions moisturize. While certain name-brand lotions smell amazing, they may not have the moisturizing capabilities you need during the cold months. Many are designed to lock in the moisture your body creates naturally but provide little ability to actually moisturize your skin. Look for products that specifically offer

You can also easily whip up a moisturizing mask to use once a week or every few weeks. Avocado, eggs, and oatmeal are all inexpensive, natural products that you may just have in your kitchen right now. Mix them up with a little honey to create a mask that is both refreshing and cost-effective.

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