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{Guest Post} How to be a Thrifty Family

When the season transition and fall and winter are here, it’s easy to get caught up in buying your family a brand new wardrobe, especially if you have kids who are growing. Instead of over spending on items you don’t need, look for alternative such as buying gently used clothing at thrift stores, and buying in bulk, from stores like Costco. Think smart and you’ll cut back on expenses via coupons from great sites like JoeShopping.com and more so you can go on a family vacation or put away money for your kid’s college education.

Thrift Shopping – At first thought thrift shopping may not sound ideal for clothing and furniture, but if you do your research you will find quality shops that sell great clothing and more for affordable prices! There are many shops that offer clothing that’s nearly new and sometimes completely new. So start hunting now and save some money this fall and winter time.

Bulk Shopping – Costco and Sam’s Club are great stores to go to if you have a larger family or at least one or two children. Buying in bulk is a lot easier then going back to the grocery store every couple of days and in addition, it will save you money in the long haul. So buy in bulk and clear away storage space for extra cans of chili and vitamins for the fall and winter time!

Visit Restaurants Less – Since you are all caught up on purchasing items in bulk, it’s time to implement other rules such as eating out less. Going out to enjoy meals should be something that is a reward for saving money or celebrating a special event. By eating out less you can save more for items that matter or better yet, a vacation!

Start a Savings Jar – If you’re really intent on saving money, start a money jar where your kids and husband can put all of their loose change in there daily. Whenever they have change left over from their bills, they can put the rest of it inside of the jar. After a while you’ll find yourself saving up to one hundred dollars or more when the jar is filled. Every four to six months you can take the change to your bank and then put aside the cash for a special occasion.

Sierra is a freelance writer who tries to be frugal by purchasing gently used clothing and putting away funds in a jar.

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