Going Purple for #SpiritDay #LGBT #GLADD - Sammy Makes Six

Going Purple for #SpiritDay #LGBT #GLADD

In honor of #SpiritDay today I'm going purple for GLADD...

Spirit Day comes one day every October, when millions of LGBT supporters wear the color purple to show their support in speaking out against bullying towards lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender teens. Did you know 78% of transgender and gender non-conforming youth get harassed in school. Many of these children take to self-harm as a way to cope or even commit suicide. This should not be the case. So today join millions of other individuals, organizations, schools, corporations, and social media users everywhere and "Go Purple" this October 19th. Soon maybe, we can live in a world where LGBT teens are looked at as no different or less than heterosexual teens. 

To change your Twitter or Facebook picture purple visit here to show your support and take a stand.



Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Ft. Mary Lambert ~ Same Love

Made in support of marriage equality. Approve Ref 74, this voting season. 

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