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Be Confident, Be Beautiful #DoveInspired

Self-esteem, it's one of life's biggest obstacles. It can effect the way you feel about yourself, the way you feel about others, the way you take on certain tasks, and even your future. According to research, when a girl in between the ages of 15 and 17 feels bad about their looks, over 60% of them avoid doing regular day-to-day activities like going to school or even voicing their own opinions. And only 11% of girls between the ages of 10 and 17 are comfortable using the word beautiful to describe themselves. Those statistics, to a mom of 5 girls, are very alarming. 

But you and I can help girls raise their self-esteem, all it takes is for us to start the conversation. This is what I do with my girls, talking about it and letting them share their fears and worries, allows me to give them feedback that will help them. I always try to get them to understand that it's not about looks and that it's not about what is on the outside. True beauty comes from within and from what type of person that are. I also talk about confidence, and how confidence on the inside is what will let them shine on the outside. Not one woman is perfect and there is no woman who is happy with every part of themselves, but we each have to learn to love and accept what we have and use it to our advantage. 

I know looks are important and so many people treat us based on those, but what I most try to let my girls know is that all women are beautiful and that they need to not be anxious about how they look. Instead they need to embrace the positives, accept what they can not change and just be comfortable in their skin. A strong, confident woman, is a beautiful woman.

The Dove Movement for Self-Esteem is opening up a world of opportunities for women to make the difference. Dove invites women across the U.S. to participate in the Dove Self-Esteem Weekend, taking place October 5-7 nationwide. 

  • Dove partner organizations will host events nationwide
  • Walmart stores will have designated areas within the store where visitors can share a message of encouragement to girls.
  • The Kroeger Co. will host a self-esteem event in Cincinnati for local members of Boys & Girls Clubs.

Let's talk about it!

Today Thursday October 4th, from 7-8 pm EST there will be a FB chat with program expert, People en Espanol columnist and parenting expert Jeannette Torres-Alvarez about this very important  topic, to join the chat visit

Find out more about this important topic and visit, Vive Mejor and Vive Mejor’s Hablemos (Let’s Talk) information page, where you will find tools that will help you motivate and inspire all the girls in your life.

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