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VTech InnoTab 2 Review #InnoTab2 #Kids #Technology

V Tech InnoTab 2 is a neat muti-media tablet that will not only help children learn, it will help them get started with technology and provide you with hours of quiet time. I was excited for this to arrive as almost every commercial we saw on tv was for this tablet and the kids were really happy to see they had one of their own.  Our kids love technology and have BlackBerry Playbooks, but for me this InnoTab 2 makes a lot of sense in  many ways.

Cost: The InnoTab 2 costs the same as it's predecessor $79.99.

Durability: This toy will handle a lot more wear and tear than the more expensive tablets. We have already had scratches to screens, drops, more drops and had to replace the charger more than three times. Right now we are waiting for yet another charger to arrive because now the charging unit on one of the devices has been broken. All this stuff ads up to a lot of money and a lot of stress. The InnoTab 2 is more durable and a lot less fragile, and if for some reason they completely wreck it, you won't be out $250 or more!

Educational: They have lots of game apps on their tablet, but only about 40% are educational. I would much rather the children play games that will teach them something and this allows them to practice everything from vocabulary to math. This is also an ebook reader, which is neat because now they are reading more and more books. 

One of the features that really stands out is the built-in-stand that slides in and out. This is convenient and nice to have it built in. For our regular tablets, we have had to purchase cases with stands, so it was neat to have this already in place.

There was one game cartridge included in the box, the big bummer for me there was the fact that this takes a whole different cartridge than the MobiGo2. I had been hoping they would take the same ones, so we could get more use out of them. Still, popping it in is easy, and children should be able to do it without fear of them being to rough or damaging it.

I like that you can buy an AC adapter that is only about 10 bucks. This saves a lot on batteries, which you can use when you go out. But they use it so much at home I don't think I could afford all those batteries. 

What makes this tablet really neat and a lot more like a real grown up tablet is the camera. The kids love taking pictures and making movies, and with the InnoTab 2 they can do that and just like their other tablet. They can even make funny pictures and even video tape or take pics of themselves because the camera rotates.

Rotating Camera = AWESOME!!!

The VTech InnoTab 2 offers an e-reader, art studio, microphone, motion-tilt games, photo view, video player, stylus, and calendar. It is very portable and made with quality and durability in mind. The cartridge library offers a lot of game choices and you can also find a lot more in the Learning Lodge Navigator. The 5″ color touch screen is a perfect size. There are plenty of grip areas for them to hold so it won't slide out of their hands, and it's nice and light too.

With so many game options, e-books and an MP3 player, you might need to expend the 2GB memory. The SD card slot allows you to expand up to expand up 16GB memory, which is great! Find this device in blue or pink and check out the adorable totes in the same color for only $13.99. 

I like that this device offers a real "tablet" feel and that the kids enjoyed it so much. This device will be able to grow with them and really offers a lot for what you pay.

“I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for VTech. I received product samples to facilitate my review.”

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