Tips On Handling Day-To-Day Messes From A Papa's Perspective #HuggiesLatino - Sammy Makes Six

Tips On Handling Day-To-Day Messes From A Papa's Perspective #HuggiesLatino

As mom's we have many tips and tricks for dealing with the day-to-day challenges of being a parent. But what about dad? Poncho de Anda (tv personality) and father of two, teamed up with Huggies to bring us a father's point of view. Today I am also interviewing Adrian, my daughters father, to find out what tips he can share with us about being a dad and about how he handles the every day messes and stresses of being a father.

Q: What tips do you have for new dads?
A: Ask for at least two weeks off from work once the baby is born. Your partner will need as much help as she can get. Take a course on taking care of infants and get as much info as you can from family, friends, online and books. Oh and say goodbye to sleep, our daughter is 5 and she still wakes up a lot during the night. I don't mind so much, but the bags under my eyes tell another story.

Q: Should dad's help change diapers?
A: Of course! The first weeks our daughter was home I was the one who fed her and changed her during the night and after that as well. I believe men should always change diapers, wash bottles and be active participants in caring for their children. Also one note on going out with children in diapers, always pack extra! You can never have too many on hand.

Q: What tips do you have for day-to day messes with small children?
A: A big tub of wipes is your best friend, so is antibacterial lotion. A change of clothes if you are out is always good (or two) and just be patient. Kids are kids and they are attracted to messes, and part of being a parent is handling it with as little fuss as possible.

Q: You travel in the car a lot with Sam. What do you pack to be ready for a full days outing?
A: Always bring one or two changes of clothes. I always something light and then some pants and a jacket for the evening. When she was little her diaper bag had to be fully stocked with formula, bottles, water, wipes and diapers. Now that she is bigger I make sure to pack a snack, extra juices, and some coloring books, the BlackBerry tablet, her neck pillow and blanket. The trunk is usually full with all her things, but with kids, you just have to be ready for whatever they may need!

Q: In three words, tell me one thing you need to have, for being a good father.
A: Patience, love and support.

I happily admit that he is a great father, and always very hands-on with everything that has to do with his daughter. He is the one that spends sleepless nights with her when she is sick, takes her to school and back and he cooks for her too. His greatest gift though is patience...he can handle a spill or stained clothing, without getting all stressed out like I do. 

Here they are talking in their own special language. It's not quite Spanglish, it's more Spanish then English with a very heavy accent. He talks, she listens and then she usually corrects him. They are both making each other bilingual. 

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When: September 20, 2012 from 12 pm EST to 1pm EST

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