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Guest Post: Entertaining in Your Outdoor Space

Thanks to home and garden blogs and TV shows, many homeowners are realizing the versatility and convenience of building an outdoor space for entertaining and daily life. Busy moms find rest and tranquility in outdoor spaces, and they can change up the every-day routine by providing space to eat family meals outdoors and give a safe, imaginative environment for children to play. But how do you add that tranquility and elegance to an outdoor space?

Outdoor water fountains are a simple, elegant addition to any outdoor space. Outdoor water features a rhythmic, soothing sound that evokes relaxation, both during alone-time and gatherings. They are simple to set up and available in a variety of designs. Consider filling your fountain with beautiful koi fish – a lovely addition children love and can learn to take care of.

A nice, shiny grill also adds to the experience of entertaining in your outdoor space. Consider investing in a good one that will last for years. It’s also a great way to get the man in your life to take over some of the cooking. The internet is full of tasty recipes for all appetites, and grilling isn't just for summer anymore. They options are endless for simple, elegant meals that will keep you and your family nourished and happy.

Consider growing some of the foods you cook yourself within your outdoor space. Imagine the excitement of your friends when you tell them that the tomatoes in your amazing lasagna came from the plant in the corner of the yard. Better yet, make friends with the neighbors by giving them extra squash from your garden and perhaps they will provide you with some fresh fruit from their garden too. If you have fruit trees in your yard, they will add a beautiful fragrance to any outdoor space, and you can use over-ripe lemons to refresh and clean indoor spaces.  

Imagine beautiful fall evenings with the family seated around a warm, glowing fire pit. A permanent fire pit is easy to build, or simply purchase an above-the-ground pit from a local home and garden store. Perfect for cooking hot dogs, s’mores, and hoagies, a fire pit is both practical and beautiful. Use it to teach your kids about fire safety and how to build a fire. Bring warmth to any gathering by placing comfortable chairs and benches around the fire pit. It fosters conversation, relaxation, laughter, and conversation – three intrinsic components that make any gathering a success.

Paige One looks to gardens and decor pieces for a great way to make company feel right at home. Add the perfect decor to your garden with outdoor water fountains and your guests will love the appearance as well.

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