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Fall is Coming...

Fall is coming! In just 5 short days on September 22, Fall will have officially begun and I am excited! While most other families may prefer the summer, when you live in the Inland Empire and experiencing triple digit temperatures everyday seasons like Fall and Winter can be such a relief. I know in our family Fall is most definitely the favorite. Not only for the strong winds and slightly cooler days but for the horror movies and holidays that come with it too. Halloween brings costumes, cool decorations, candy (yes you can get candy all year long but on Halloween the candy is free), new horror movies, returning classics like the Halloween, Scream, and Halloweentown (more kid friendly) franchises, and several visits from everyone's favorite Wicca family The Sanderson Sisters of Hocus Pocus.

Thanksgiving brings food! We love food! Most families as big as ours probably cook big meals nightly but in our house we mostly tend to eat separately all throughout the day and all the meals are quick and simple. Thanksgiving is the one time of year where we (meaning Adrian, myself, and my sister Vane) are all actually willing to spend hours jammed inside our cramped tiny kitchen just to make one big meal for the family to share. Our menu never really changes and doesn't include a lot of the  more traditional Thanksgiving dishes most families would serve but what we do take the time to prepare is typically well received, which is all that really matters I suppose. It will also be a real treat for the kids this upcoming Thanksgiving when they realize it gets them all  out of school for at least a week. With all three of the midgets in school now and having to wake up at the earliest of hours, breaks and days off are always appreciated. 

But let us not forget the absolute best thing about Fall, what exactly is it? The best thing about Fall is that it means Winter is just around the corner and with Winter comes Christmas and the start of a new year. Yay! I can't wait! Bring on the Fall.

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