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Emmy's Epic Fail...

Last night, ABC aired the 64th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards, and what a disappointing show it was. I had already pretty much known the show itself may be very dull, since I hardly ever found host Jimmy Kimmel funny at all, but last night he was at his all time worst and it showed in several ways. His "In Memorial" to himself Jimmy, was I the only one who found that kind of offensive. I mean it's almost like he was just completely mocking the one time in the show tribute is paid to all of the Hollywood talent who have died this past year. Kimmel's skit with Tracy Morgan, was an epic fail. The worst part of it all though had to be the show opener. No amount of famous women could have saved Jimmy Kimmel's Emmy opener. Not even an appearance by my favorite comedian ever Ellen DeGeneres or Lena Dunham. 

It seems that the hosts terrible jokes set the tone for the night because even most of the skits the presenters had were bad and unfunny. Matthew Perry's skit failed, causing one hell of an awkward moment. Amy Poehler who typically delivers the biggest of laughs, couldn't even seem to get many during her presentation. Although I do have to say, I love that Amy Poehler was able to get laughs with the help of Julia Louis Dreyfus during her win for leading actress in a comedy series. 

My main reason for tuning in last night though, had to be one of the biggest disappointments of all. GIRLS, a hysterically well written and well acted show was nominated last night along with the shows genius creator 26 year old Lena Dunham, and were then robbed. I, and I think several others, expected GIRLS to win best comedy series and Lena Dunham to win best writing, best directing, and lead actress in a comedy series but NO. Her show and herself got no recognition whats so ever. Which is completely ridiculous because GIRLS was really last years biggest stand out amongst all the new shows. And Lena Dunham has gotten nothing but raves since creating her break out show and role. Hell she even bared it all during Kimmel's opening skit, which was basically the only funny thing about it. The entire cast of this show, is great and dead on and the fact that none of that was recognized on last nights episode was a huge fail on the Emmy voters part. Really I can rant and rave about how wrong them not winning anything was all day, but I'm guessing most of you get it by now. 

All in all, there is only one thing to say about the 64th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards, Jimmy Fallon did it better!

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