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Bienvenido Lunes : Welcome Monday

Not really...! Something woke me up at 3:45 this morning and after failing to get back to sleep instead got up and have been trying to attempt to work. I have too much on my mind though and just can not concentrate. I always stress out like this when I know there is a lot to do and this is going to be a busy week for me, what I really need is some coffee but I hate the though of waking anyone up this early. The last thing we need is grumpy kids later on today, it's Monday and with a full week ahead everyone needs their rest. 

Might as well start working on that to-do-list and and maybe one of the many posts I have due. Its just so hard to get the brain cranking with no caffeine!

No necesariamente odio los Lunes, pero esta madrugada algo me desperto antes de las cuatro de la manana y ya nunca me pude dormir otra ves. Intente por casi una hora y finalmente mejor me rendi y me pare para tratar de trabajar, pero que rara se siente la casa cuando es tan temprano, y que oscuro. Preferi no prender luzes ni hacer ruido para no despertar a nadien, especificamente los ninos que necesitan dormir para que esten listos para la escuela.

Ahorita lo que se me antoja es una tazita de cafe. Nada despierta la mente y el cuerpo como una taza rica de cafe. 

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