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A Virtual Scrap Book #Lifeables

I love taking pictures, and I have plenty of kids to take pictures of. However keeping them all in order or even in one place is not easy. I haven't printed photos in years, so what I usually do it load them to my laptop and choose some favorites to upload to Facebook or send via Twitter. I am now in love with Instagram and now have many pictures there too. As you can see, my families memories are spread out all over the place and not in any kind of order. I would love to have a scrap book for each one of them, but with 5 kids and so much work, that is not in the cards. I have found something even better now...a virtual scrapbook, that I can make not just for my girls but for the grand children too.

Lifeables is a service (FREE SERVICE) that will help you organize not just the pictures on your computer, but pictures you have shared on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Getting started was as easy as registering and then connecting the three accounts. I decided to start with Sammy and once I plugged in her info, Lifeables went into the accounts and pulled pictures and tweets I had tagged with her name. Then I was able to choose which ones to save into her scrap book. Afterwards I was able to load the pics from my laptop and even my phone. Not just ready for us to see whenever we want, but now we can share them with friends and loved ones. 

What I really enjoyed is how automated the service is. I didn't have to go to each account and upload manually, instead it filtered through all my content, brought me all the important memories I had sent out into cyberland and very quickly I was able to make Sammy's scrap book. From here on, I can add as we go and make sure that all those special memories are captured somewhere safe for her when she gets older. I can now also share each and every memory with my sisters and any FB friends I chose.


Lifeables is free so you can try it out without worrying about any costs. I think once you see how easy it is to set up and use, you will really like the service. Say goodbye to all those pictures spread out in different web sites and say hello to Lifeables. Record and safe guard all those precious memories... and share on!

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Lifeables and Latina Bloggers Connect. All opinions stated are my own.

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