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A Night At The Agricultural Festival : Una Noche En El Festival De Agricultura

Our sleepy little town San Jacinto is not exactly known for it's many family activities. Last weekend we were happy to find out that the 2nd Annual Agricultural Festival was taking place at the Estudillo Mansion. We love the events at the mansion and sorely miss the 4th of July event, so we packed up the youngins and set off for a night of wholesome family fun. 

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Is this not a gorgeous shot? It's like a post card.

This event was much bigger than any we had attended at the mansion before, with many vendors and plenty of food to be found. One of the only freebies of the night, besides the band, was the wagon ride which had a very short line, it went around the entire event and the kids loved it.

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If you are from the I.E. you probably already know the Kona Ice trucks. These have the most delicious shaved ice this side of Oahu and a real bargain. We always get the small size which is plenty for the kids and only costs $2 a piece. You can prepare the shaved ice to your taste with as many flavors as you like.

After that we hit the carnival rides. My complaint about this is that we were misled. The flyer that we received from the school said that all carnival rides cost only .50 but when we got there we found out they were anywhere from $3-$6, per ride. This is the norm for all fair rides and a big reason why a lot of people don't take their kids to these events, it really bothered me that they had advertised one price to get people there and then charged another. But of course the kids still got to ride an enjoy themselves, even at those hefty prices.

Almost 60 dollars later we went to check out the bands, there were two of them and both were pretty darn great. I was really impressed that San Jacinto was able to afford such great entertainment, and that the bands were so good. They covered everyone from Jimmy Eat World, Sublime, The Steve Miller BandThe Romantics and many more. There was in fact a very nice schedule of performances set up for the entire weekend, and I am truly sorry we missed the other two days. On Sunday they were supposed to have bandas all day long, I hope all the Latinos in the area got to go and enjoy it. 

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Um, if only one person was impressed by their cover of Santeria then none of you have any taste at all! #music #inlandempire #ie #fair #santeria #band #crowds #today #tonight #town

The Stingers...I hope we can see them again one day, they were very good!!

While listening to the bands and sitting on hay stacks, the kids ran around the mansion and I got some fun shots of them. I had really wanted to tour the mansion but by the time we arrived that was closed, so instead we took lots of pics around it. 

There was other stuff like a petting farm and other really country type contests, including a best jam contest. I wish we hadn't had such a busy weekend and could have attended the other days, but sadly we missed them. 

Still, it's not very often that I say I enjoy small town living, but this was one of the nights that I really did. Everything had a very hometown feel and it felt so good to sit out there with all the other locals, and just enjoy a beautiful night with great music. We all had such a great time and very much look forward to next years event. 


Bohemian Babushka said...

Your first 2 instagram pics really did look like postcards from the 50's- loved it!! Que rico being able to enjoy a small town fair, true they're not often but they really do have un ambiente you don't find in big towns; I'm sure you made happy memories for everyone. BB2U

Isabel Garcia said...

I loved seeing all the beautiful pictures of the Agriculture Festival! The children seemed to enjoy their time at the festival immensely. Great memories with the children! :-)

Ashley said...

Great photos and very cute children!

Alejandra Ramírez TheHermosas said...

Great Pics! I would love to visit fairs like that but don't find them in my area.

bloggingbabiesandthebayou said...

Looks like so much fun. I love taking my own kids to the fair. We will have a month long of local fairs in October. Can't wait!!

ahhhdri said...

Awww, the kids looked like they had fun!

Sujeiry said...

Thats the beauty of small towns - cute things like this to do! New York City doesn't have as many fairs for children. @LoveSujeiry

Chica Cherrie said...

Those kids are adorable!!!! Nice recap :)