Wonderful Find: Gorgeous Handmade Bows for $1. - Sammy Makes Six

Wonderful Find: Gorgeous Handmade Bows for $1.

I found Sammy the most adorable handmade bows today on Etsy. Since she is wearing a uniform to school everyday, I really need something to spice up her hair and add some color, so I went searching for some really bright and colorful bows for her hair. Last time I got her handmade headbands that are so pretty {Etsy too}, but since she is so small they slide off her head so they are put away till she gets bigger. This time I looked for something specifically made for smaller girls, that will stay in her thin hair without sliding. 

Well I found Who Made That Bow on Etsy.

20 hair bows / 1.00 each / girls hair bows / bows / fit newborn infant toddler/ favors/ birthdays/ starter set

These adorable bows are the Dollar Hair Bows. A DOLLAR!!! The neat thing is that you don't have to buy a zillion to get that price, she sells them in sets of 5, 10, 20 and more. I almost got 5 but realized with shipping I was better off getting ten, plus I could not narrow it down to only five, these are too cute.

20 hair bows / 1.00 each / girls hair bows / bows / fit newborn infant toddler/ favors/ birthdays/ starter set

Each bow on alligator clips and I found a few reviews that said they are great and really stay on. I purchased Sammy a set of ten, 3 sets and 4 singles. I will use the singles to hold her bangs up and am considering chopping off some of her hair to make piggy tails!! Poor Sammy...what can I say she is my last kid and I have to mess her up as much as I can.

The only thing when purchasing these bows is that wait time 14 days plus ship time. The Etsy store owner even warns not to order if you can't wait. But I can wait, because I am in love with these colors { I got two sets of pinks!!} But really the price is unbeatable for handmade bows and I am really looking forward to getting them. I think they are going to make her uniforms complete. And if they are as nice and I am hoping they are next time I will get her these polka dot bows, which are a slightly bit more expensive.

hair bows / set of 10 / polka dot / 10 colors /  newborn toddler big girl shower gifts birthday girl

I will show you the order once it arrives and of course do a review with plenty of pics. I thought it was such a good deal I wanted to let you know about them now. If you have little girls and need some super cute bows, head on over to Who Made That Bow and see them for yourself. If you do place and order make sure to specify the colors when paying.

1.00 hair bows  / 10  hairbows / set of 10 / perfect for newborn- infant - toddler - girls /  BEST SELLER

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