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With Fall comes Fall TV...

Summer is nearly over! Yay! I know Summer is typically most people's favorite time of year but when your living in the Inland Empire, summer time can be the worst time. It's always hot, the air is sticky, the suns just beating down on you from the early hours of the morning to at least 8 sometimes even 9 at night. So the fact that the Sun will be dimming down for a while and the cold will soon begin to set in is always welcome news. I for one have always loved the fall and winter best, not just because I prefer rain to shine but also because fall TV is some of the best TV out there! TV shows returning this fall are...

Glee (Season 4) on September 13 @ 9 pm on FOX

Do I really even need to list why I'm excited for season 4 of Glee anymore? Rachel Berry and Kurt Hummel are in NYC with Kate Hudson (Almost Famous) and Sarah Jessica Parker (Sex & The City). What other reason do I need?!

*Glee's Most Memorable Moments Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Glee S4's first promo.*

American Horror Story 'Asylum' (Season 2) on October 17th at 10 pm on FX


So many incredible things about this! American Horror Story is back and in a new location, in a different time period (60's), with new faces, plenty of returning favorites, and a whole mess of new horrors. It's going to be so good! For one Jessica Lange who played Constance in Season 1 appropriately called 'Murder House' is back in season 2 playing Sister Jude, a nun who runs the asylum. Other returning favorites from season 1; Zachary Quinto who played Chad in 'Murder House' will now be playing Dr. Thredson, Lily Rabe who played Nora in season one will be playing Sister Eunice, Evan Peters who formerly played Tate is now playing Kit, and Sarah Paulson who played psychic Billie Dean is now playing Lana. Did I mention the group of new faces joining the cast?! Clea Duval (Girl Interrupted) will be joining the cast along with Chloe Sevigny (Big Love's Nikki Grant) will be playing a nymphomaniac called Shelley while James Cromwell (Six Feet Under's George Sibley) is portraying a not-so-good doctor called Dr. Arden. Maroon 5's Adam Levine and Step Up's Jenna Dewan Tatum are also new to the cast.

The Walking Dead (Season 3) on October 14th on AMC


OMG! Talk about a season finale! There were zombies all over the place and man did people die! Not the people I wanted to die but still people! Season 3 of The Walking Dead is coming and with its crop of returning characters, new characters, and walkers, comes a new location too. Let the killings begin! And can Lori and Carl Grimes just be eaten already? There is a reason the two of them were added to just about every single list of worst or most hated TV characters ever!

Summer, if you could leave now and let fall come a little sooner, I would definitely not mind. Anyone else excited for any returning or new TV shows this fall?

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