Weather In the #InlandEmpire Has Been Strange #IE #weather #LLblog - Sammy Makes Six

Weather In the #InlandEmpire Has Been Strange #IE #weather #LLblog

If you live in the Inland Empire, you know we have been having some very strange weather these past days. If I am not mistaken the past three days we have hit the big 100's and then some, so it's been HOT, but it's also been strangely cloudy, rainy, and today even windy. I got these three pics yesterday morning from the parking lot of the Super Walmart- they are really stunning. 

You can actually see rain pouring down in several areas of this one. As I was taking these pics it was about 95 degrees and hot. I got right back into the car and jammed up the a.c.

Today once again it was a hot one, but suddenly around 2:00 pm it got dark and super windy. It looked like a storm was about to hit, and off course it happened right as we had to pick up Sammy from school. Poor little girl even asked me if there was a tornado coming, because it was so dark and strange looking. But all we got was a lot of thunder and some light rain. You know, I hate this type of rain. It's a "tease" of a rain, because it doesn't rain hard enough to wash off the streets and give everything that clean look afterwards, instead it just sprinkles and makes all the cars and streets look even dirtier. I wish we had a real storm, that would wash away all the dirty and leave our town sparkling clean.

It was so hot that the house felt like an oven, a very hot and sticky oven. With three jobs due tonight, I grabbed my laptop and headed to the library for a few hours and am now sitting at McDonald's enjoying a cold cup of sweet tea. 

Seriously, I can't wait for fall. It's my very favorite time of the year and I have just about had it with this awful heat. At least manana we are headed to LA and hopefully there it will be a bit cooler. How was the weather in your neck of the woods today??

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