WE DECIDE: LATINOS AND THE 2012 ELECTION: On nuvoTV 8-19 at 8PM #WeDecide - Sammy Makes Six

WE DECIDE: LATINOS AND THE 2012 ELECTION: On nuvoTV 8-19 at 8PM #WeDecide

Maybe you think that your vote, being just one lonely little vote, is not important. But did you know that Latinos are going to be a big part of the 2012 Election and that we just might be the deciding factor in who gets elected? Yo se (I know), that as a Latina and mother of 5 who has been unemployed for over 4 years now, there are some very important political concerns for me:

  • Health Care
  • The Economy 
  • Immigration

Having no health insurance, this is one of the worries that keeps me up at night. By luck my children have their dads military insurance, but I have been without health insurance for over 10 years. When I had Sam I developed a congestive heart problem, and because I have no insurance, it is not being treated. This is very serious, and literally, it's a matter of life and death. I have worked since the age of 15 and paid taxes in this country all this time, and now when I am sick and need to take care of myself, I can't. I have no full time income to pay to insure myself, and I don't have a job that can provide me that. How is this fair?

The bad economy has not only left me unemployed, it has made it practically impossible for myself or my girls to find a job where we live. Only my boyfriend works because he has his own business, but even he is at the point where he might need to give it up and find a stable job in Mexico. 

Immigration reform is a big issue that for me involves not just some of my family members, but my community and all of my people. Everyone talks about "illegals", but no one really talks about the other illegals from so many other countries. Instead it's the Latino's who have taken the biggest hits and who are paying for all of the illegal immigrants in this country. Families are being torn apart and students who excel at academics are not being allowed to study and follow their dreams. This is just one of those "Dreamers".

Que podemos hacer? What can we do?

Get involved, don't be a bystander in the coming elections. Find out more about the social and political issues that are important to Latinos.

Premiering on nuvoTV on Aug. 19 at 8PM, the We Decide Latino town hall special will be moderated by award-winning journalist Natalie Morales and will feature a panel of high-profile experts who will engage with a live audience and other virtual participants connecting through social media platforms. The hour-long program will explore how the presidential candidates are addressing issues specific to America's Latinos, including unemployment, healthcare and education.

Here are a few stats on the Latino population that might surprise you:

Latino Poverty Rate
2006 – 20.6%
2010 – 26.6%

Children Living in Poverty
African American – 4.4 million
White – 5.0 million
Latino – 6.1 million

2008 Presidential Election
Eligible Whites who voted – 66%
Eligible African Americans who voted – 65%
Eligible Latinos who voted – 50%

50% of eligible Latinos voted? Where were the other 50%, I ask? They probably thought their vote would not make a difference. But it can, especially this year. It's time to put our needs out there to the presidential candidates and educate ourselves on who is really going to meet them. It's time to change the statistics for our gente (people), and it's time to stop thinking we can't make a difference, because we can!!

Watch We Decide tomorrow on nuvoTv and get involved!

Find out more about We Decide and stay connected:
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Mary said...

It is not just Latinos. I have lived in this country all my life and my family had no health insurance or insurance on our car, a family of six and this was my entire childhood. Then, when I got a job working for a doctor, I had no health insurance for another 8 years. I finally got a job that had insurance coverage. It was my own fault that I didn't seek out other employment that would pay my insurance. My husband who died 10 years ago couldn't work for 10 years and we couldn't get any help because I still worked, yet our income was cut in half. Even though I struggled all those years, I have had to help pay for those who don't have insurance either through higher insurance costs or taxes. No one has ever helped me and believe me, I have been down to my last can of food in the cabinet. Everyone does deserve to have affordable insurance coverage, but if they don't have it, they might have to pay out their hospital bills and doctor bills like my sister has done when she had to have surgery. She has no health insurance either, but is stubborn and wouldn't change jobs when she had the opportunity. I honestly don't know what is fair anymore. There have always been people who didn't have insurance coverage, but I would not expect someone else to cover it for me. It's not that simple.