SkinCareRx: New Sponsor #Apothica #cosmetics #Essie #TooFaced #Stila #Isadora - Sammy Makes Six

SkinCareRx: New Sponsor #Apothica #cosmetics #Essie #TooFaced #Stila #Isadora

Our old sponsor Skin Care RX is back and I got to happily put an order together for the girls from Apothica. I hadn't done much shopping there since last year because we had to lower our budget when it came to shopping for cosmetics. It was nice to be back on the site, and I got few goodies coming for the girlies that they will for sure love. There will be a full review of each item once it arrives and we try them out.

Essie: Off The Shoulder $8.00
Munkey has been asking and asking for this color since seeing so many reviews on it from the Klout perk a few months ago. It is very pretty and feminine.

Stila Cosmetics Tiki Lip Glaze Trio
Stila Cosmetics: Tiki Lip Glaze Trio $12
Such pretty shades and a very good deal for three colors. I am going to keep the Tropical Punch which is in the middle. The other two are Guava and Hibiscus.

Isadora Bold Tip Eye Liner - Carbon Black
Isadora: Bold Tip Eyeliner in Carbon Black $14

I actually wanted two of these but there was only one in stock. 

China, Vane and myself, we wear BIG eyeliner-the bigger the better. I am always looking for new eyeliners and I LOVE the tip on this one. Hoping, hoping it's good quality since I have never tried this brand. If it is then this is a price I can work with, it's a lot less than the $29.50 Lancome liner that is my fave. But we will have to wait and see how good it is.

Isadora Glossy Eyeliner 40 Chrome Black
Isadora: Glossy Eyeliner in Chrome Black $13

I got two of these since I only got one of the above. This had really good review on You Tube, it's supposed to be really dark and glossy. I also love the price on this one.

Too Faced Size Queen Mascara
Too Faced: SIZE Queen Mascara $21

Munkey prefers big lashes to big liner so she chose this mascara. We watched some video reviews and the brush on this is humongous. 

So that's it, this is what $81.00 buys you at They are excited to have some of their favorite brands coming. Can't wait to receive the order and hand out the goodies...

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