Polly Pocket Hangout House Playset and Polly Pocket Stick N Play Room Review #toys #pollypocket - Sammy Makes Six

Polly Pocket Hangout House Playset and Polly Pocket Stick N Play Room Review #toys #pollypocket

Have you seen the new  Polly Pocket sets? 

Polly Pocket has gone under some changes...that have really improved this toy line a lot. Even Jack, who had a whole Polly Pocket set when she was little, immediately noticed that this was not the same Polly as before. Sammy was super excited to receive two sets to try out...!

To test out the new Polly Pocket design, Polly Pocket sent us the Polly Pocket Hangout House Playset and the Polly Pocket Patio set. 

Of course we have seen Polly Pocket toys, we see them all the time. But because Sam is prone to losing toys with small pieces, I had never bought her any. With tiny pieces that slide right off, it can be hard for a child, even a older one, to keep all the pieces together. That is why the new design is so much better. 

Polly Pocket toys are now bigger and every piece has special suction bottoms...so not only do the pieces stay in place, kids can move them around wherever they want, even upside down, and there is less chance of losing them. 

The suction bottoms are a great idea. There is no sliding or falling pieces, when Sam goes to set the dolls or even those tiny dishes and food on a table, they stay there. This has also made it easy for her to move the entire toy from one room to another, without losing pieces in the process. This really allows for a lot of versatility, she can play with the sets in so many ways.

The Polly Pocket Hangout House Playset is very cute and only $19.99. It has an elevator that goes up and down all three floors, a swing that hangs on the ceiling, and the pool turns into a bed at night with a simple flip. In the same way you can change the walls to be day or night and all the little pieces just make it a really fun toy.

POLLY POCKET™ Patio - Shop.Mattel.com

The Polly Pocket Patio set attaches to the house, which is neat. And of course now Sam wants more of these sets to grow her playset even bigger. At $9.99 for these smaller sets, I can see being able to get her one here and there. Ten dollars is the limit I normally set when I buy toys for her, unless it's a special occasion, so this would fit into the budget. As for the bigger sets, I will definitely be keeping those on the list for the holidays. 

Now that I see how entertained Sammy has been for the past days with her Polly Pocket sets, I can see she is ready for the world of Polly Pocket. The size of the toys and the suction bottoms have made all the difference, and are now perfect for her age. There is definitely more Polly Pocket in our future!!

Go here to  see more Polly Pocket playsets, there are SO many. I can see how it can become addicting to buy as many as possible, because {as a girl} even I am enchanted by them. The good thing is there are different sets at varied pricing, so it's possible to not have to spend too much and still give your child the gift of a Polly Pocket playset. 

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