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LinkedIn Largest Online Professional Network

In the world of business, it’s known quite well that having “contacts” is vital to keeping your career running. Maybe you’ve heard the saying “it’s all about who you know and what you know”? Well LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network, connects trusted business professionals with one another allowing them to exchange ideas, opportunities, and knowledge. Let’s say you’re looking into ShipSmart, maybe for a career opportunity, expert requests, reference requests, consulting offers, or business deals,  by being a registered member of LinkedIn you will automatically be able to do all that,  get in contact with ShipSmart, and see if you have any similar contacts. LinkedIn will give everyone an overview about ShipSmart but only if you’re a registered member do you get contact info available to you.

It’s all done online too, so while changing jobs and location may be very common often causing trusted contacts to lose touch, LinkedIn actually keeps you in contact with re-locating contacts by keeping your address book up to date. As long as they make the update to their professional profile, you’ll be automatically made aware.  So if you’re looking to join the world of professionals LinkedIn is definitely something to be looked into, plus registration is free and takes less than 2 minutes!

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