How Did I Live Without You #Instagram ? #pictures #LasVegas #RoadTrip #filters - Sammy Makes Six

How Did I Live Without You #Instagram ? #pictures #LasVegas #RoadTrip #filters

Although I have a BlackBerry Playbook tablet and my laptop is always attached to my hip, I am not a techy person and I don't know that much about apps. Almost all the apps on my tablet are for Sammy, who loves to play games and read. But there has always been one app that I was very intrigued by and that my little "I don't need a smart phone" heart really wished for, Instagram. I love taking and seeing pictures, so I would see everyone's feed on FB and wish that my simple little phone could partake in the fun. 

Once I had my first ever smart phone in my hand you can bet that the very first app I downloaded was, yes Instagram. And I can now confess to you that I am obsessed with it! Yesterday I was so busy, I didn't get a chance to get on the phone till really late, and all I kept thinking was I needed to hurry up so I could get to Instagram. Granted, I am not the best at #hashtagging and I know that is very important, but I love everything about sharing and getting to see other's pictures. I love being able to follow people I like and even found my long lost niece and nephew and can now see what their lives are like, all from my phone!! Pretty awesome I think, I have no clue now how I could ever have lived without Instagram. To celebrate I will now regale you with my favorite shots, which I have taken in the last two weeks. 

My first two weeks with Instagram.

Photo: Baller lol
{First Instagram shot}
Baller: my BF is in sales and gets paid mostly in cash- he had to 
pull this pile of money out to buy a $1.50 soda.

Photo: Sam having a great time shopping for school uniforms #backtoschool #shopping
Big Girl: my baby uniform shopping for her first year of school {wipes tears}

Photo: Johnson & Johnson #ETYY prize
Awesome prize: had to get a shot of the FAB #LLBLOG prize pack

Photo: Monkeys @ElliotLuca bag pretty #fashion
Spoiled: Munkey with her Elliott Lucca Bag that is beautiful!

Photo: Happy 1st #iPod Jack! #Apple
Graduation present: Here in our humble abode you don't get a luxury car or breast implants upon graduating from high school, here you get an iPod. LOL she loved it by the way and has it on her 24-7

Photo: My gorgeous grandson Anthony #baby
Baby Anthony: my gorgeous grandson, I know I am impartial but really he is adorable and there is no denying it.

Sitting in the car waiting: When we go to work with BF, this is what we do for hours. Sammy is very used to this, since she has been riding in the car since before being born. Ah...the life of a salesmans daughter, it's oh so glamorous! NOT

Converse flag: At the Converse store in Santa Monica. I just thought this was a very cool use of Chucks.

Photo: Hello #Nevada
Border Line: Crossing from California to Nevada on the way to Vegas!!

Photo: Happy vacation Sammy!
Happy Vacation Sammy: with only two weeks before school, we managed to give Sammy her 5 day summer vacay. All of my kids love Vegas, I used to go on business once a year and this is where we would vacation after I was done with our tradeshows, so Las Vegas is in their blood.

V: The Ultimate Variety Show: In line at Planet Hollywood waiting for the show. This show was AWESOME by the way, I would def say see it if you get a chance.

The Venetian: Great moments getting face paintings and watching the show. Such a beautiful HOTEL!

Volcano show at The Mirage: HOT is all I can say, you can almost feel your skin being seared as you watch this.

Treasure Island: waiting to watch the show, which is pretty disgusting if you ask me. I didn't even take ONE SHOT, because I am highly disturbed as to how this adult-ish show is what replaced the very fun pirate show from the past. Grinding and shaking booties is not something I recommend taking your kids to watch, and this is the last time we will go see it. We miss the old show!!

Expensive: Had to include a shot of the $5.52 grande drink that you get for $4.25 here in Cali. Still this didn't stop us, we had Starbucks a few times a day, as per the norm, but my pocket book was feeling it.

Loving my TOMS: Yes I am one of those sick individuals that takes pics of their Toms. What can I say, I am special like that. This was taken at The Rainforest Cafe in the MGM Grand.

Photo: Not even five minutes and she is out like a light
Home: Less than ten minutes in the car and she was out.

Of course there are many more shots, but I will bore you no longer. These are just some of my faves. I do have a ton more from Vegas, I will leave those for another time. 

And I will continue my fascination with Instagram, OH and by the way, feel free to follow me if you like. You will get a peek into my exiting and glamorous life {yeah right}. Hope you didn't fall asleep into your coffee, thanks for stopping by and checking out a bit of my life in the last two weeks!


designitgirlblog said...

With three teens I feel your running around! :)

Pamela P. (@SenoritaVino) said...

Love your photos. I tried downloading instagram on my Android but it didn't work. Must have done something wrong, but I'll give it another try.

Vicky said...

I totally need to get on the Instagram train!!! xox

#LLBLog Love!

Comiendo en LA said...

Awwww Tell me!!! I'm a Instagram addict LOL BTW I love your TOMS!

Uchi said...

I have never used it, always posted pictures through Twitter instead. Definitely I will have to try this!. Thanks for sharing :)

Isabel Garcia said...

Instagram is a fun way to share pictures! Love your post!

alejandra ramazzini said...

I love instagram! love this post too! :)

Nina Gonzalez said...

instagram is so much fun ;) and aren't road trips the best! when you posted that pic of starbucks on your instagram account i couldn't believe how expensive a grande frap was n vegas! :O

Adrianas Best Recipes said...

Instagram rocks!

Chezahree Garcia said...

LOL...I still need to get a Smartphone that is Instagram capable! I just use my husband's phone in the meanwhile. Luckily, when my contract is up for renewal in October...I can finally join the Smartphone club and get the new iPhone! Also, It looks like you had a blast in Vegas.

Maria said...

I love instagram!! There are so many great photo apps I love looking for new ones to enjoy!!

Chica Cherrie said...

instagram is the BEST!! Great pictures!!!

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