For The Love Of Reading... #books #reading #Olivia #JudyBlume - Sammy Makes Six

For The Love Of Reading... #books #reading #Olivia #JudyBlume

Two of Sammy's favorite books. I got the Oilivia book for $5.00 at Marshall's and the Harold book {brand new} for $1.00 at a used book store. Providing kids with great reading material doesn't have to be expensive.

If there is one thing (other than coffee) that I love and could not live without, it's reading. I have been reading ever since I can remember being able to. When we were little my mom didn't foster our love of reading, she was busy working and had no time to take kids to libraries or money to buy us books. But my sister and I, we found the library, and since she was nine we would go off on our own every chance we got.  I remember so many of my childhood loves; Ramona the Pest, Nancy Drew, all of the Judy Blume books, the amazing A Wrinkle In Time and so many more. 
My love of reading has continued the rest of my life and I have been known to devour a book in just one day, when it's so good you can't put it down. This happens a lot when I get a hold of a Stephen King or Dean Koontz title. One of the things I love to do is hit the book stores, big and small, and find titles I have never read, or even some I read so long ago that I need a refresher reading. So with this great passion of mine for reading and all things books, you would think my kids love to read as much as I do right??

That would be a big N.O. That's right-my girls won't read a book to save their life. I don't think that between three of them, they have read more than 10 books in their life, besides books they had to read in school. As for Jack, she has only read the Twilight series and nothing else. 

They are all like that...except for my little one, Sammy. I finally got lucky and got one child-of-mine to love books as much as I do. She can't really read yet, so we read to her. But she loves books and she loves going to book stores with her dad and myself. The three of us can spend hours, upon hours, at a Barnes & Noble. 

If one of her sisters happens to be with us at the time, they will usually opt for a drink at the coffee shop, and if I am lucky they will pick up a book and actually start to read. This was such a funny choice I had to snap a picture of it.

Overall I do spend quite a bit of money on books for Sammy. Whenever we go to a book store we never walk out with at least two or three. Even at the more expensive stores, I can usually find a few books under $5 that she can have. Our tablet is  full of book apps and she has tons of titles, including a $6.99 Harry and the Purple Crayon app/book. I just really want her to have the world of books open to her and not be like I was when I was young, always wishing I had books of my very own at home. Maybe, just maybe I will be lucky and she will grow up loving books as much as I do. 


Jacky Kay said...

Sammy is most likely going to be the biggest reader of us all. Already she shows a lot in interest in all kinds of books while us older girls obviously prefer the "Dummies" series.

Nina Gonzalez said...

love olivia! =)