End Of Summer Mini-Vacation To Las Vegas #roadtrip #travel - Sammy Makes Six

End Of Summer Mini-Vacation To Las Vegas #roadtrip #travel

During one of my busiest weeks ever, we decided to take a small mini-vacation for the sake of my little one Sammy. She starts school in two weeks and though it wasn't exactly in the budget or even in my plans, because I really am extremely busy this week, and even though we just went to Disneyland two weeks ago and spent a lot of money, her dad and I decided we could fit in three days in Vegas, so she could have her "summer vacation".

We got on the road exactly at 6:30 and arrived in Las Vegas 3 hours later. It was a beautiful drive, I had never driven in at night before so I had never seen just how gorgeous the Mojave dessert is at night. Sam had no idea where we were headed, all she knew was that it was taking FOREVER, but once she saw this, she knew exactly where we were.

We came here last year for my birthday, and it was Sammy's first trip to Vegas and she loved it. That's because we stick to kid friendly things-to-do. I have been bringing my older girls to Vegas ever since they were young, and it's always been a big hit. We love hitting The Adventuredome and Midway at Circus Circus, we love hitting the strip and walking for hours, checking out all the different hotels and attractions. Of course we also hit as many shows as we can possibly get to, and if there is a tiny bit of time BF and I might even hit the slots or one of the many bars for a margarita or two. But it's really all about the kids during these vacations, and for this one we only have Jack and Sammy, and I really MISS my other girls and wish they were here with us, but it's just the four of us this time around.

I will be working the entire time we are here, starting with a Twitter party today at 6:00. It's time to get the show on the road and wake up the fam, so we can hit Vegas and get as much done by 5:00 p.m. I will take lots of pics to share with you later!! 

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