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Effective Latino CareGiver Resources For La Familia De Hoy #CaregiverComfort

An important topic and one very close to my heart is the one of caring for your elders. This is something that in the Hispanic community usually means, that one of the children will take on the parents care when the time comes that they can no longer live alone, or care for themselves. My mom has been part of my household for about 7 years now, and because she has had 6 strokes and has a myrad of other illnesses, it can be scary to be in a position of responsibility as high as this. 

The White Paper The State of the Hispanic Caregiver is a paper that has been released by Comfort Plus, and is a great source of insight and information about the increasingly large U.S. Latino  community and their health. As the paper states, there are over 4,000,000 Hispanics over the age of 65 in the United States, so the need for resources relative to health and long-term care will only become of increasing importance. The Hispano/Latino community has long been overlooked when it comes to having resources for those that need care, or those that are giving care to a loved one. 

The percent of Hispanic older persons living with other relatives is almost twice that of the total older population. 

While Latino's have a lower prevalence to chronic health conditions than non-Hispanics in the U.S., we have a higher prevalence of diabetes and are most likely to be overweight. These conditions plus our also high rates of Alzheimers, mean we are more likely to have to care for someone with incontinence. 

Comfort Plus, Inc. launched Comfort Plus Online in March 2012, with the goal of making their products more accessible for at-home caregivers.  If your loved one suffers from incontinence, you might be using a leading brand found in retail stores and Comfort plus wants to introduce you to their line of  Tranquility products.  Here is a breakdown of how much you can save by using Tranquility products over the span of one year.

Very important for those people who speak Spanish is that you can find all this in Spanish at- Comfort Plus Para Ti. Here you can read more about all of the Tranquility products and more pertinent information and resources for Latino caregivers. This is something that is really lacking in many other online stores.

As a caregiver myself I find this site to be a great resource and if the time shall come I need these services for my mom, I will definitely keep them in mind. Are you also caring for a loved one or in need of more resources geared towards Latino's? I invite you to visit Comfort plus online and check them out on their social networks too. Like Comfort Plus on FB and follow on TwitterRight now if you place an order with Comfort Plus please use this discount to save you some extra money! Discount code: Use LMB2012 at checkout for $10 off any case of Tranquility products

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