Denim from Dave's New York - Sammy Makes Six

Denim from Dave's New York

Hey everyone guess what?! Summer is nearly over and fall is it’s on its way!  And while sometimes the less amount of clothing you wear the better when experiencing heat well over 100 degrees, fall typically means you have to cover up a bit more.  Time to clear your closet of the summer/baby doll dresses, short shorts, tank tops, spaghetti straps, capris, t shirts, and cargo shorts for men and stock up on sweaters, jackets, pants, and long sleeved tops, and denim shirts for men. Now the question is where to get all these summer clothes? Well if you’re a woman it’s typically pretty easy to find a store that has what you want but let’s say you’re a man living in New York City, where do you shop? Dave’s New York located in the Chelsea area of New York City may just be the place.

Family run for over 45 years Dave’s New York offers their customers a friendly and personal service for all customers with a Spanish, French, and English speaking staff.  A wide variety of selection including military style, work style, heavy duty, boots, shoes, and outerwear for men, women and children too! Sometimes it’s really hard to decide which types of clothes are best but when you look at the history of denim you can see that denim is always great for fall. It also just so happens to be that Dave’s New York offers a top performance and high quality selection of denim that look and feel great as well. So visit Dave’s New York in New York City today!

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