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@Walmart Selling Expired Goods : Expiration Date Over a Year Old ~

As I searched for Walmart's Twitter handle I realized that a lot of people have a real issue with them. I for one-well actually, we as a family of 9 really depend on this stores low prices for most of our household monthly groceries and other goods. Sure we buy our fresh fruit and veggies at Stater Bros, where you can find a much better selection at lower prices, but the bulk of  everything we buy is from one of the two Super Walmart's in our area. We spend A LOT of money at this store each and every month and after so many years of shopping with them have come to trust the store and never look at expiration dates as we shop. 

Last night during a midnight shopping trip, our store is open 24 hours a day, I finally bought myself these cookies that I eye EVERY SINGLE TIME we go there. They are priced at almost $4 and I think there is only about 8 in the package, so everytime I look at them and wonder how good they are and put them back. Well last night in my tired state I actually grabbed my box of cookies and upon arriving at home took them with me to my nighstand so no one else would eat them on my behalf (this tends to happen a lot in our house when it comes to cookies, candies, etc). 

This morning I awoke and almost immediately thought of my delicious, overpriced cookies and how yummy raspberry filling would go with a hot cup of coffee. I picked up the box and found myself looking at the expiration date, a bit confused at first I thought they expired last month and thought they would still be okay, after all it's only been 3 1/2 weeks but upon looking at it more clearly this is what I saw.

This expiration date is over a year old. I could not believe my eyes. How gross really, cookies that old should have been chucked out a long time ago. The worst part is that I don't intend on standing in one of those long customer service lines to return them, even though I am pretty upset about this. There have been times we have stood there over 15 minutes and I can not do this for a box of cookies. It's not so much these cookies that bother me, it's the fact that we buy so much food from them, a few times a week and never look at the darn dates. How much old stuff have we eaten, how much old food have we fed our kids???


alyson-ewurts said...

Hi Maria - We’re always looking for ways to make your shopping experience even better as well as ensure customer safety. Please provide the details of your issue at http://on.fb.me/vHH3wF so we can share this information with the appropriate team. Thank you.

alyson-ewurts said...

Hi Maria, I forgot to add I am part of the Walmart Social Media Team. Thank you.

Nina Gonzalez said...

That's horrible!! :/ I have had that happen to me to, and it really blows when you are going to use it to for a meal the day you buy it!! ugh.