Road Trip Must Have Item: #BlackBerryPlaybook !! #traveling #roadtrip #llblog - Sammy Makes Six

Road Trip Must Have Item: #BlackBerryPlaybook !! #traveling #roadtrip #llblog

We are about to hit the road for Vegas, and there is one item that I am never without whenever it comes to hitting the road with kids, my BlackBerry Playbook! Love, love this tablet. So much so that we have three here in the house. One for Sam and I, one for BF and one for Darlene and Angel. 

As soon as Sammy gets bored I can pull out the Playbook, and she can play Angry Birds, Spiderman, BeJeweled, and many other games she has on there. She downloads her own games, free ones that is, and I have spent countless money on many others. We also have a ton of children's book apps that can read to her or allow her to read on her own, so she can even get her reading in while in the car. 

Well it's time to hit the road, with our Playbook fully charged and ready to go!
What is the one item you can not do any type of road trip or traveling without??

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