Oily Hair and No Time To Wash It? My Tips To Fresh Hair Fast! #DoveBeauty #spon - Sammy Makes Six

Oily Hair and No Time To Wash It? My Tips To Fresh Hair Fast! #DoveBeauty #spon


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There is nothing quite like having a "good hair day". It makes you feel confident and secure in your appearance. So what happens when you have a head full of oily hair and no time to wash it before heading out? It could be that you forgot to set the alarm, or simply, life just got in the way and you don't have enough time to get in the shower and wash the oil out. So what can you do to give that oily mop a clean up that will leave your hair smelling fresh and clean and ready to face the day ahead?

So you know my position on clean hair I will let you know that I am a firm believer in washing my hair every single day. I know this is not recommended when it comes to having healthy hair. However where we live it gets extremely hot during the summer and there is no way I can skip a wash, especially when I have something important going on that day. This was exactly the case a few weekends ago when I had a trip planned to Los Angeles for a full day of sightseeing and fun with the family. I got up with plenty of time but found I had a job due that morning that I had mistakenly thought was due the next day. On a normal morning this post might have taken me 40 minutes to write up but with the added stress of having to be out the door at a certain hour and knowing everyone was waiting for me to finish, it ended up taking me over an hour and only left me 15 minutes to get ready. That was certainly not enough time to take a shower, style my hair and do my makeup. 

Luckily, living in a house of "girls", my sisters have a huge beauty/hair cache and I found a bottle of dry shampoo. Having never used this, and truthfully being a bit grossed out by the thought of it, I was unsure of how this powder was going to clean the oil and smell of my really dark hair without leaving a white residue. With their help it only took me a few minutes to apply the dry shampoo on my roots and really work it into my hair. It was surprising to me how quick the process was in comparison to showering and still having to style and dry. This particular brand had a really clean scent and left my hair looking lively and ready to do a quick style, in less than half the time I usually do. I ended up being ready just a few minutes late and we were off to a full day of sun and fun in L.A. and I never once had to think of lifeless, limp and greasy hair. 

Here are a few other tips that you can use to get clean and fresh hair fast:
  • Look for a dry shampoo that will work with your hair color. If you are a brunette a lot of shampoos might leave a powdery-white look, luckily my sister had the perfect one for our hair color. You can find dry shampoo in aerosol and loose power, you should try both and see which works best for you.
  • Have this ready ahead of time for the day that you will need it. You can even do a few practice runs, especially if you don't normally use dry shampoo. If I had not had help, this would have taken me a lot longer that day.
  • If you get caught with oily hair and don't have dry shampoo in the house, you can use baby power but have to be really diligent in working this into your roots and extra brushing so it won't show up and leave you looking like you have a major dandruff problem.
  • If your hair is extra smelly that day (hello 106 degree weather), then you can spritz some body spray on it, and take the bottle with you to apply during the day. Just a light spritz of your favorite refreshing scent and you will smell a lot better. 
  • If all else fails try an up-do. Messy buns and really in right now and a cute way to go on such hot days. So if you have no dry shampoo or baby powder, spray on some lovely scented hair spray and put that hair up and out of peoples eye sight. 

In every day life beauty emergencies are sure to always pop up, especially when you least expect them.  The trick is not to stress out and deal with the problem with as much ease as possible. Stay tuned for our next post in a week where we will give you some tips on clearing dark marks from underarms with Dove ClearTone Deodorant  and tips for keeping deodorant on your body and not on your clothes.

 I was compensated for this post as a member of Clever Girls Collective. All the opinions expressed here are my own.

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