My Little One Is Leaving Me To Go Off To School #Back2School - Sammy Makes Six

My Little One Is Leaving Me To Go Off To School #Back2School

Maybe it's because Sammy is my last. But I feel like her going off to kindergarten is like she's leaving me, and going off with her own life. I know it's just kindergarten and she is only going for four hours, but I am feeling really sad about it. 

I keep putting it off in my mind but then it pops back up because it's only three weeks away. Then this morning I got this in the mail.

It's just that she is so little...when she tried this outfit on I swear I wanted to sit and cry for a while in the fitting room. It made her look even smaller and I could not believe we are going to attach that big huge backpack she has at home and send her off on her own. Maybe I worry so much because she is so incredibly shy and I worry she will have a very hard time adapting and reaching out to the teacher and other kids. We've talked about it a lot and she told me that she is going to be very BRAVE, and that she will talk to everyone and make friends. I hope that she does, and I hope that she loves school as much as I know she can, because she is SO SMART.

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