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{Guest Post} Making a Chic Living Room Family Friendly and Fabulous!

During the summer time it’s nice to head outdoors and get plenty of fresh air, but sometimes it’s just overwhelmingly hot! When it’s too hot outside it’s definitely time to come indoors and cool off. Part of feeling comfortable and cool in a home is having a family friendly living room. From creating enough space to having a versatile activity area for every family member, it’s sometimes challenging fitting everything into a single living room. Here are some tips to making a living room livable and accessible so that your living room will be fully functional. That way everyone in your family happy will be happy to come inside to a chic and cool living room when it’s too warm outside.

Different Seating Areas

If your children have their own kids but still want to come over with the entire gang and have fun at your house, why not set up different seating areas? There can be a main seating area for the adults that include a stylish sofa and coffee table and there can also be another seating area for the younger kids, such as some chairs and a table in the corner where the kids can play games or have fun on their cell phones. ;) There is a way to make an interior versatile so that everyone will have space and enjoy a trendy living room simultaneously.

Easy Storage Room

If you are concerned about making a living room too cluttered, it’s time to invest in practical storage that will essentially hide elements that usually get left out, such as blankets, remote controls, and other supplies. Find storage footstools that have the perfect amount of space for all of your living room accessories and create a clean looking space that isn't cluttered looking. Now you’ll have more space for important things like furniture, a small desk area, and a personal seating area for the kids.

Incorporate a Small Desk Area

If your living room is large enough or there is another room that’s near it, incorporate a desk area in that space. For smaller children it’s a good idea to have a small desk area in a living room so you can keep your eyes on them. But for larger children that don’t need supervision having a small office space nearby the living room will work too. The idea is to keep kids entertained while still being able to enjoy time with all of your children. Creating a versatile living room that’s still organized and trendy will be the ideal space.

Having different stations essentially that allow different family members to cool down and socialize simultaneously will be the perfect solution to catching up with friends and family during those hot summer days. So come into an organized space and cool down! Your family will love the fact that there’s an area for everyone to relax or socialize.

Sierra is a freelance writer and owner of Paige One. She loves thinking of creative ways to make an interior perfect for a variety of needs.

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