"Gracias Mami" : Ondina Lopez Proud Latina & Olympic Mom #WinningSmile #CrestSponsored - Sammy Makes Six

"Gracias Mami" : Ondina Lopez Proud Latina & Olympic Mom #WinningSmile #CrestSponsored

Mama's, if we didn't have their support what would we do? My mom was a tough lady, she wasn't very practiced in the art of being sweet, nor was she the nicest person to get along with. But one thing is for sure, when I needed my mother the most, she was there for me, always ready to do whatever needed to be done and to lend support to whatever I was doing at the moment. 

As a mother to five, I now strive my best to provide my kids with as much support as I can too. It's not easy having five daughters, just as we have really great moments in life, we have gone through really hard ones too. At the end of the day though what I am very happy knowing, is that my girls know that no matter what, their mother supports them and is there for them, every single day of their lives. 

To me, that is what motherhood means, to support and love unconditionally and always.

Procter & Gamble knows how hard it is being a mom, and how as a mom you are your child's biggest fan, so they launched their “Thank you, Mom” campaign, which honors everything moms do to help their children succeed in life. One of these moms is Ondina Lopez. 

Ondina Lopez, originally from Nicaragua, is a proud mother of gold medal winning children. Her family, the "First Family of Taekwondo", made history in 2005, when  Steven, Mark and Diana each won gold at the 2005 World Taekwondo Championships. They became the first three sibling to ever claim a sports World Championship in the same event. They also made history at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, with three of the siblings on the same U.S. Olympic Team and a fourth as their coach. Now Ondina is in London with two of her kids, Steven and Diana Lopez, who are once again looking for a medal, with the full support and love of their mother.

A few days ago I had the honor and privilege to interview Ondina Lopez, and hear straight from her, what it is like to be a mom to an entire family of Taekwondo Elite fighters. These are just some of the things she shared with us:

  • Most important lesson she has taught her Olympian children? To be HONEST.
  • Her biggest challenge during her kids careers? Watching her kids compete. Taekwondo being a contact sport, watching them is truly nerve wracking for her. 
  • As a mom what does she do to help her kids keep their culture and Spanish language alive? In their home they only speak Spanish and they cook traditional dishes.
  • She reiterates that as a mom,  you need to do whatever it takes to make your children's dreams come true, even if you have to work three jobs.
  • When asked if she treats her daughter any different than her sons when it comes to the sport, she said absolutely not. In sports everyone is treated equally.  

"I will do whatever it takes to support my children 
and make them happy in Taekwondo
Ondina Lopez

Here you see Steven thanking his mom for all of her support and love, and how thankful he is for being in the London 2012 Olympics, with her by his side. 

Crest & Oral-B Complete help give Taekwondo fighter Steven López the confidence to show off his healthy, winning smile. López, a two-time Olympic gold medalist and bronze medalist will be competing in the 80kg division at this year’s Games. Crest & Oral-B Complete have also partnered with Steven’s mother, Ondina López, to highlight the importance mom’s support can play in an athlete’s success.

To learn more about P&G Oral Care Olympic Games partnership, and to meet more amazing mom's like Ondina,  please “Like” Crest on Facebook .

As a family my girls and I will be rooting for the Lopez family during the coming Olympics. We wish the Steven and Diana much luck and Ondina, the strength that she will need to once again watch her children compete along with the rest of the world. This campaign also made me think of my mother, and made me once again thankful, to have someone like her that I can call Mama.

This is part of a sponsored campaign with Crest and Latina Mom Bloggers. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

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