Blast From The Past: First SMS Post From 7/11/2010 - Sammy Makes Six

Blast From The Past: First SMS Post From 7/11/2010

We are [6] girls living in one house with a BF (boy friend) that's named A.B. For a long time there was FIVE of us, but one day Mummy met AB and they decided to have them a RUG RAT and that's when Samantha Ashley Bravo came into the PIC. Poor girl gets picked on like you CANT imagine, but somehow she manages to live on. She's very smart and loves to watch Nick JR and dance... this year she learned to do the potty and is very quickly becoming the smartest one in the house... never mind that she has her dads spanish accent.
                                                           So Ness is the oldest of us girls, she is 20 and has 2 kids and a husband that is ... what shall we call it??? "Unavailable?" Yes, thats sounds about right, unavailable but in the picture. Angel is going to Kindergarten this coming September and Darlene is already 2 and closing in on her third birthday. Together they are like Thing 1 and Thing 2 and they drive us Bananas...but we could certainly NOT picture our lives with out them.

Jack "Black" as we like to call her is 17 and about to hit the BIG 18. What does this mean to us??? No more child support ! No just kidding... though its true. It also means that she't got to get to work, though she still has one more year of school to do. We have attended "virtual school" the past few years and because of this we all got a bit behind and she had to repeat a grade. But Jack is going to be okay, she has BIG plans for her life and one day when we get out of this crummy town she will fulfill those plan 100%.

This is Kana, she is only 16 but has lived like 30 lives already, she has a little baby boy named Brandon that is another little slice of heaven that got sent our way... he will be 2 this year and though he is not living with us, is still a big part of our lives. He is staying with his Dad in Mexico for a while but it is with the highest hopes that we might get him back one day very soon. As for his Momma, we'll shes a bit hard headed and keeps having to learn lessons the hard way, and the rest of us, well we kinda just go along for the ride... and sometimes... it can sure be bumby!

And last but certainly not least is Munkey (CICI), she is now 15 and has suddenly began to wear tons of make-up and has a huge BUMP of a hair do. She's still kind of quiet and shy like she's always been but finally breaking out into her own. In Sept she will be going back to regular school so she can have a "life" and see her friends more often.

So this is who "WE" are and this blog is about all the things we LOVE and some of the THINGS that really tick us off. We're a pretty big crew as you can see, so there are lots of opinions on just about everything and lots of yelling and screaming.. but at the end of the day when the dust settles and everyone picks themselves of the ground... you'll see that we all stand together... big hair and all. 

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