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Race Across America with SenseAware by FedEx

Having a family member who races bikes means that we as a family love to follow all bike and motorcycle races. This race was especially important as it began in our hometown of Oceanside, Ca. Another reason why The Race Across America was important for us to support? Because it's for a good cause and the team we are rooting for is raising money for children's health care.  So we not only got to follow and amazing and incredibly long race, we got to support such a great cause too.

Let the Race Across America begin! The Race Across America is known as the “world’s toughest bicycle race”, with no stages or specific rest periods, only the goal to ride the fastest with the fewest and shortest stops. Beginning in Oceanside, California on June 16th and set to end in Annapolis, Maryland between June 21st and June 25th. That’s 3000 miles, crossing over 12 states, consisting of 88 counties, made up of 350 communities. 

The Ohio CycleWorks team is being sponsored in the race by FedEx Critical Custom and are raising money to support the Akron Children’s Hospital.  This charity is a great fit with SenseAware® by FedEx because this detailed tracking and monitoring service allows health care providers to monitor critical shipments, the kind that help save lives of children just like the ones that Ohio CycleWorks is riding to save. To learn more about Ohio CycleWorks Charities or to help donate to their cause please visit their website at http://ohiocycleworkscharities.org.

Interested in tracking the Ohio CycleWorks Team on their Race Across America? Stay in the know regarding the cyclists’ progress and their environmental conditions by visiting their Tumblr at www.senseaware.tumblr.com. Each rider is outfitted with a SenseAware device created by FedEx, and it’s travelling with the team on their race to the finish line. The device is linked to a web-based platform which tells all of us who will be tracking the entire thing where they are in real time. I have never seen or heard of anything like this on any other race before, it makes it so easy to keep track of the race and the participants, almost as if you were there!

When it comes to your own personal shipping with FedEx using SenseAware by FedEx, you have real-time information on your shipments current location, accurate temperature, exposure to light, relative humidity, and barometric pressure. This allows customers that are shipping products related to health care, life sciences, aerospace, the arts, financial instruction and more to benefit from this added level of visibility. Not only will this greatly change the way many companies do business but it could quite possibly save several lives, especially with the health care and life science shipments. In all it really is just another reason why we as FedEx users, trust them as a delivery service, knowing that they already deliver with such excellence and yet are still trying to improve. What more could you ask for?

“I received compensation from FedEx for covering the use of SenseAware® technology during the 2012 Race Across America. My ideas and opinions relayed in this blog post and any related Twitter discussions are my own and are not provided by FedEx or its affiliates and subsidiaries.”

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