Johnson & Johnson Amazing Nurses Contest : Nominate An Amazing Nurse ~! - Sammy Makes Six

Johnson & Johnson Amazing Nurses Contest : Nominate An Amazing Nurse ~!

When my Sammy was born, she and I almost didn't make it. Her dad had just left to Mexico the day before and I was home getting ready for bed when suddenly I could no longer breathe. For weeks I had been having a cough that never stopped, I could not lay down because I could not breathe, and I had swollen up to the size of a small elephant. An ambulance took me to the ER and from there I was immediately air lifted to Loma Linda University Medical Center, where they have a large international heart unit and cardiac department. What did that have to do with my pregnancy? I was due in two weeks and I didn't get why I was going to a heart unit. I had congestive heart failure, and had actually had it undetected for months. My lungs were filled with water, as was my entire body. My baby was struggling to stay alive as my heart, which had grown with all the added stress, was struggling to keep pumping the necessary blood to my body and to her.

I was alone. My girls were too young to drive and I was two hours away from home- and I was scared to death. But from the minute I arrived I was greeted by an incredible group of nurses, both male and female, that literally held my hand and helped me survive the scariest moments of my life. After my family and boyfriend arrived they were still as helpful and attentive. I delivered Sam two days later and had to stay in the ICU while my baby went a few floors down. She was not allowed to stay with me, but these incredible people made it a point to bring her to me every chance they could. They would come up and make time to visit, even helping me brush out my hair and help me wash the baby. I was tied down to the bed with so many contraptions that I could barely hold her. 

My little miracle was born underweight and struggled so much to live. Such a funny looking baby!

We were there a week and a half and the entire time I had so much support from these nurses. When I think back to that time I still cry and am so thankful that I ended up at that particular hospital with them. They didn't just do their job, they went above and beyond. I will be forever grateful to all of them...and I will never forget them.

Nominate a Nurse

Nurses are incredibly important and have such a thankless job. Do you know a nurse that has made a difference in your life or the life someone you know? Johnson & Johnson is celebrating amazing nurses and how much they impact our lives. If you are 18 and up and would like to nominate a nurse visit the contest page on FB or the Amazing Nurses web page. The last day to nominate is in two days, June 29th, so please go as soon as you can.Tell Johnson & Johnson about this amazing nurse that made a difference in your life.

The winning Amazing Nurse and his/her guest will attend the 2012 CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute show in Los Angeles, courtesy of CNN. He or she will also be honored in a video profile which will be screened before the live audience at the show, and featured on the Nursing Notes by Johnson & Johnson Facebook page. (*Eligible Nominees for the Amazing Nurses contest must be a Registered Nurse (RN), Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) who currently administers direct patient care.)

As the population grows, nurses are even more important and there is a real need for more. Right now there is an extreme shortage of nurses; there is a nationwide vacancy of over 100,000 jobs and expected to grow to 800,000 by the year 2020. It is scary to think where we will be without these nurses (angels) to take care of us. The good thing is that the career outlook for the nursing field is incredible. Being a nurse is a highly regarded profession and we can certainly use the jobs. With one child about to start college and two more in the next few years, this is great news and something to keep in mind.

Don't forget to nominate your amazing nurse by visiting the Amazing Nurses page today!

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