Glee's Most Memorable Season 3 Moments ~Part 2 - Sammy Makes Six

Glee's Most Memorable Season 3 Moments ~Part 2

Santana Lopez comes out...


From 'I Kissed A Girl'

Santana Lopez has never been the nicest of the Glee club members, in fact it's quite fair to say she is undoubtedly the cruelest but what most didn't know was that under that bad-ass HBIC personality was someone terrified of being taunted, ridiculed, and unaccepted for showing her true self. More specifically by her family and while her parents were said to be more then accepting , her abuela not so much. Based on the real-life past experience of Glee writer Ali Adler, Gleeks around the world tuned into to 'I Kissed A Girl' an episode focusing on the repercussions of Santana Lopez being outed to her entire school and her having to deliver the news to her family. While Naya Rivera's Spanish speaking skills leave little to be desired, especially considering her character is supposed to be a pro at it, you can't help but hurt for her when she doesn't get the support she was hoping for.

~Remember This From My Previous Post...~

Season 4! It's coming! And what we know so far is that Sarah Jessica Parker will guest star as a mentor to Kurt, Kate Hudson will also guest star, the second episode is set to be another tribute to new X Factor judge Britney Spears, Rachel is definitely in New York City, all of the season 3 regular cast members are set to return (even if just for a few episodes), and Lea Michele is most likely the only one appearing in every episode! Yay! Going from dreading Glee season 4 to anticipating it, just like that! Like a true Gleek, I'll most likely always find one reason to keep watching. 

~Now Updated On What We Know About Season 4~

-Sarah Jessica Parker will play a manager of some sorts to Kurt in N.Y.C.
-Kate Hudson will portray a teacher not all that impressed by Rachel Berry's dance skills.
-At least 3 new cast memebers-One set to be the younger brother of Noah Puckerman (Never mind all Puck ever mentioned was a younger sister). A 16 year old blonde bitchy type with serious moves, and another unknown male. American Idol runner-up Jessica Sanchez will most likely join the cast after the idol tour ends in September.
-Along with Chris Colfer, Lea Michele, and Cory Monteith, Dianna Agron has now confirmed herself that she will be back in some way for season 4.
-The series will move from it's regular time slot on Tuesday's at 8pm to Thursdays at 9pm following The X Factor.
-According to show runner Ryan Murphy, with a later time slot comes a slightly more mature show with slightly more grown up story lines.
-Oh and possible make over for Rachel, by Sarah Jessica Parker.

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*Also you can watch Naya Rivera guest mentor tonight on Oxygen's The Glee Project Season 2 for their 'Sexuality' week. Really who better then the girl voted by fans from all over the "sexiest member of the glee club"?*

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