Glee's Most Memorable Season 3 Moments ~Part 1 - Sammy Makes Six

Glee's Most Memorable Season 3 Moments ~Part 1

With Glee on a summer hiatus, I've decided now's the best time to relive some of Glee Season 3's most memorable moments. Starting with two performances that aired in the finale episode that featured clips of past performances from season 1...


From 'Goodbye'

Burt Hummel, undoubtedly TV's best dad say's goodbye to his little boy via Beyonce. The complete and total epitome of a heterosexual macho guy, Burt Hummel brought tears to the eyes of fans all over the world for his immediate acceptance of his gay son Kurt. He has stood by his side proudly since season 1, suffered a heart attack in season 2, and battled against Sue Sylvester during just this past season 3. Now he says goodbye and congratulations to Kurt as he says goodbye to McKinley High, with a little help from Sasha Fierce. (FYI Mike O'Malley who portrays Burt Hummel earned himself an Emmy nomination for his guest role in a series)


From 'Goodbye'

Sit Down You Rockin' The Boat starring the original Fab Five! Before Santana, Brittany, Quinn, Puck, and even Finn joined the glee club, there were only five... Kurt Hummel, Mercedes Jones, Artie Abrams, Tina Cohen Chang, and Rachel Berry. Yes they may have won nationals as a group, but without the clubs founding members they would have won nothing. And in this clip you can watch the group relive their very first performance starring the original Gleeks.

Glee returns to Fox with all new episodes, at a new time, Thursday's at 9 pm following The X Factor (which airs at 8pm) this Fall!


redfuzzycow said...

I love Glee so much! Only reason I started watching was because of lea michele; she starred in my favorite Broadway musical, Spring Awakening and I just HAD to watch her in Glee.

Smash Bravo said...

Lea Michele is my favorite part of Glee! I am team Rachel Berry all the way and I have never made no secret of that in any of my past glee-related posts. And I love her in Spring Awakening too. Thanks for the comment!