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Glee says 'Goodbye'

So I know that this post is like really late but really my feelings on the third season finale of Glee have been mixed since I first saw it. And with The Glee Project Season 2 set to air, I wanted to get it all out. Glee ends it's third season with more then half of the cast graduating and with a bittersweet episode fittingly titled 'Goodbye'. So many greats and so many faults. Over all it was a perfectly decent episode but their were a few stand out things that have bothered me and should later be addressed in season 4.

Gloria Estefan, we all knew she confirmed her role on the show like months ago, but could they have made it more obvious that they really had no role for her. She herself said she was supposed to come on and show Abuela Lopez exactly what she though of her disowning the newly-out lesbian Santana what she really though of her, but instead we get 2 tiny glimpses of her, in 2 almost unnecessary scenes, in the very last episode of the season. I mean this was someone who actually watches the show with her own daughter, who was very excited to even get a role playing her favorite characters mother, and they did nothing with it. Unlike when Matt Bomer came on and got a whole episode or Ricky Martin who also got a full completely offensive episode. If Gloria Estefan does come back, I hope they do better by her. Plus side to this story line Santana could quite possibly being going to New York!

Finn Hudson, what was with all the raise to him?! Do these characters not remember all the crapy things Finn has done in the past?! He was awful! Kurt and everyone saying how he showed them what it was like to be accepted completely, is TOTAL bologna! He never fully accepted them! He came around to the idea of Kurt as his brother after referring to him as "faggy". I hate that word. Yes, I know, teens say this all the time, but I would never let someone call me this, watch that same someone screw up continuously as the years go by, and then later say how grateful I am for them. And uhh, the New Radical's 'You Get What You Give' has to be one of my favorite songs of the 90's but could he have ruined it anymore?! I am glad though that Finn didn't get into the Actor's Studio though. I mean come on, this was his dream for what 3 weeks? And on top of it he had no experience in acting and only wanted to go to New York for Rachel. That was one of the few things done right with him.

I know I've made it clear in the past I am not Finn's biggest fan and I hate Finchel (Finn and Rachel) but I guess one of my favorite things about this episode is that Finn was able to get it right in the end. On their way to what Rachel believed to be their wedding, Finn did the one thing Rachel was not brave enough to do. He ended it. He set Rachel free to go on to her bright future in New York City, while he joined the army to help him figure out who he really was and what he really wanted. Another great thing is while I've never though much of Cory Monteith's (Finn) acting, I do think he did a very good job in this scene. BUT undoubtedly Lea Michele (Rachel) stole the spotlight. Rachel crying is something that always gets to me, maybe it's because she is not afraid to give an ugly cry. You know, the kind with big ugly tears, runny noses, and complete with not-so-attractive faces. Not the tiny tears and perfect makeup. She cried, how most people really cry and it was her best acting of the season. I will say for Finn though, that this one act of putting Rachel's dreams ahead of his fear or loosing her, did kind of make up for his 3 seasons of being a jerk.

My favorite thing about the entire episode, Rachel Barbara Berry not only went to New York but got into NYADA! I know there were more than plenty of people pissed that Rachel, who initially screwed up her NYADA audition got in, while Kurt who did a perfect performance during his audition that earned him lots of praise didn't. Initially I was shocked, I mean they let fans know ahead of time only one would get in but after Rachel's audition we all assumed it would be Kurt. But no, Rachel Berry does not give up! She found the woman she auditioned for, and begged her to give her another chance. She persisted! Yes, it may seem like she was being selfish, but when you really want something, you fight for it and she did!

Season 4! It's coming! And what we know so far is that Sarah Jessica Parker will guest star as a mentor to Kurt, Kate Hudson will also guest star, the second episode is set to be another tribute to new X Factor judge Britney Spears, Rachel is definitely in New York City, all of the season 3 regular cast members are set to return (even if just for a few episodes), and Lea Michele is most likely the only one appearing in every episode! Yay! Going from dreading Glee season 4 to anticipating it, just like that! Like a true Gleek, I'll most likely always find one reason to keep watching. 

~*~Favorites (Round 2)~*~

Character~ Still Rachel Berry (FYI This will never change) 
Ship~Still Brittana, Santana and Brittany & Maybe Tike or Tina and Mike
Character I originally hated but now love~ Santana, Brittany, Sugar Motta
Character I originally loved but now hate~ Finn, Mr. Shue, Sebastian, Blaine, and all the Warblers.
Sue Line~ Shannon, listen. You're gonna stay with me tonight, okay? If you don't have a change of clothes, I have a tent you can wear. from 'Choke'
Brittany Line~ "I'm also a unicorn. Maybe a bi-corn. Either way, I'm starting to believe in my own magic" from 'I Am Unicorn'
Santana Line~ "You seriously think you can out-insult me? I'm from Lima Heights, I was raised on insults. It's how my abuela puts me to sleep at night, and she was not a nice lady. Did you know she tried to sell me once? And it wasn't until I got to kindergarten that I learned my name wasn't Garbage Face." from 'Mash-Off' 
Solo~ Without You, Cry, It's All Coming Back To Me Now, & Root's Before Branches all by Rachel
Over All Performance~ How Will I Know by Rachel, Mercedes, Santana, and Kurt
Mash-Up~ I Feel Pretty/Unpretty by Rachel and Quinn tied with Rumor Has It/Someone Like You by Mercedes and Santana
Group Number~ Paradise By The Dashboard Light, We Found Love, & Fly/ I Believe I Can Fly by New Directions
Duet~ So Emotional by Santana and Brittany
Worst Performance~ Rain In Spain by ND Boys (I mean, what the hell was that?!)
Episode~ The Power Of Madonna, Yes/No, On My Way, Nationals


Jackie said...

Thanks for the update on Season 4! I am so glad Lea Michele will still be on the show!

Smash Bravo said...

One of the main reasons I'm still going to watching Glee during season 4 is because Lea Michele will e in every episode. I was at first dreading it, because I was sure most of the original cast would be gone, but no! Oh and I forgot to post also that season 4 is in a different time slot, Thursdays at 9pm after The X Factor. Thanks for the comment!