#FreeSamples : Do You Love Sample Sizes? #samples #latinabloggers - Sammy Makes Six

#FreeSamples : Do You Love Sample Sizes? #samples #latinabloggers

Before you think I am a total moron let me clarify, I love a freebie as much as the next guy, but there is something about those sample sized bottles that really bugs me. I don't know exactly where this stems from or why they bother me so, maybe it's because you will only get a few uses from each and then they become trash. Now, give me a full sized sample and I am loving it! Like last month when we got 2 free samples of Shick Hydro Silk razors, now that was nice. That's a sample that will last me a few weeks and that would probably cost me around 5 bucks each at the store. With the last Target beauty bag I got a full sized Neutrogena Naturals Lip Balm that I used for weeks and really appreciated as my lips are always chapped. Samples like that I totally love- but when I see a post about grabbing a free sample of deodorant or lotion, I normally don't go grab one. Probably not the best decision since most samples come with a nice little coupon for your next purchase, but I am not a bit couponer and almost always forget the coupons at home anyways so no biggie. 

Not that the samples won't get used, today I got my new Target Beauty Bag and loved the adorable little bag which I will give my granddaughter for her spare change. Cici will use all three of the shampoo and conditioner samples and I can definitely use the Neutrogen sample. I really love Neutrogena, they always do a nice job of making their samples full sized or a very decent sample size.

These are the other samples and these are the ones that bug me the most. Do you know why?? Inevitably whenever my girls use samples like this, it means that the next time that I step into the shower I will find the empty wrappers thrown about in there somewhere. And I will see them the next time and the time after that, UNTIL I get really mad and have to drag them down from their room to come throw it out. This also happens with the conditioner packets that come with hair color and really bothers me. What can I say, I have lots and lots of pet peeves. In the end I do really love samples, I just hate the little sizes. It would be pretty grand if all samples came in regular sized bottles wouldn't it?

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