Review: My 1st Pair of @TOMSshoes - One For One #TomsShoes #socialgood - Sammy Makes Six

Review: My 1st Pair of @TOMSshoes - One For One #TomsShoes #socialgood

I've known about TOMS shoes for a long time now. But it was probably the fact that they are so hyped up, that I didn't really pay attention to them. However, over the weekend I saw a video of exactly what TOMS does and once I saw those little faces, so completely happy over a pair of shoes, I knew I had to do my part. When BF asked what I wanted for Mother's Day, I immediately said a pair of TOMS, in red! This was via chat because he is in Mexico, and when he went to the site he wasn't even that blown away by them. In fact I think his exact words were, " Those are kind of ugly aren't they?" Whaaaaat?? 

Well even though he thought they were ugly I still wanted them and I already know that I am going to be asking for another pair on my birthday in a few months. For me comfort is key and these canvas shoes are exactly what I need for every day on the go. The fact that for $44 I could get a pair and a child somewhere in the world will be getting a pair too, is what really makes it worthwhile. Some people say they are over priced for being canvas slip-ons, so I will really be paying attention to the quality in the next months and seeing how long a pair will last and how durable they really are. 

Okay so here is my unboxing for my very first pair of TOMS shoes. I took plenty of pictures so that you can see all the details. 

Great a consumer packaging is very important and this box makes me all gooey inside.

the happy faces of the beautiful children celebrating their TOMS shoes...

Ooooh it's a flag or a bag. It's actually both, you can hang it as a flag or use it as a bag for your shoes. I will be using it for the latter when we travel. great way to keep dirty shoes away from your clothes. I usually use plastic bags {very high class I know}, this is much cooler and a lot less tacky.

There they are...I love RED!!!!

the side view

I love how the toe-stitching looks. 

and the TOMS logo in the back...awesome!

One of my main concerns was the sole. I already have several canvas shoes, that I pay about 10 bucks for, but they hardly have any sole. This sole is nice and thick and there is a nice grip so hopefully no slips ad falls. 

Ultimately these are ultra-light and very comfy to pull on and off. I only bought them two days ago so as yet have not worn them out a full day. I will provide an updated review in a few weeks letting you know about comfort level. Since my cheapie versions are super comfy I imagine these will be even better, but we'll see. For now I am simply in love with this color canvas and happy to be on the TOMS train. I see TOMS canvas shoes as gifts for my family members from now on. It's such an easy way to give back to those that are not as fortunate as we are.


Chris said...

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Adrianna said...

I want a pair of TOMS too! I would love a pair of the basic black and then of course a pair of those wedges. I just don'w know which color I would pick because they are all way too cute. Great review and pictures!