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Kids Email Protection With

The World Wide Web can be a dangerous place, especially for a child. There are internet predators and adult websites around every corner just waiting for your child to find their way to them. Emails can be sent from just about anyone to your child and you have no idea if the content of each email is appropriate. Don't you wish there was a way to prevent your child from seeing inappropriate content from unknown sources? Now there is, introducing!

At you can create a safe and secure email account for your child. One that will stop the dangers of opening email from online strangers before your child has the opportunity to.

The great thing about is not only does it allow your children the freedom to explore the internet, communicate with distant relatives, and keep them safe too but YOU are in full control of what emails your child may be receiving and even sending themselves. How? All you have to do is follow a very quick and simple 3-step process...

After your own account has been registered, you can begin to add your child/children.  All you need to give is your child's name, gender, age group, create a password, and a display name. We decided to create an account for Munky.

The final step in creating your child their very own email account would be to set the safety settings on your child account...

Here you will have the opportunity to decide what types of content your child is allowed to receive, who they are allowed to view emails from, who they are allowed to send emails to, add a tagline to each email clearly stating that it's from a child, and you even get to decide if you yourself would like to receive an exact copy of any messages being received or delivered. Given that Munky is just a bit older, we decided to let her keep her emails private.

After the settings have been saved your child is free to get started! Depending on your child status as a kid or teen, is how you know where your child sign in.

If your child is registered as a child, they will visit to sign in.

For teens, is their sign in area.

Look! So simple, cute, and girly! Your child is sure to love their quick and easy layout. Kids and Teens even have the option to change their background too, for something better suited to them.

But wait! Why take all the fun out of being a parent?! With this great 'Impose a Grounding' feature, you can still be the fun hating ball and chain your kids think you are.

And the next time your kid tries to log into their email while grounded, they'll be treated to a face full of this...

You even get to view an activity log telling you what your child has been up to online. Making it even easier to see if your child has attempted to log on even when they weren't supposed to, allowing you to increase their chores and extend their grounding.

Isn't parenthood fun?! You can also create time restrictions, block senders, manage contacts, and modify the look. Creating an account for Munky was just meant to ensure a bit of extra protection for her, she's a bit older so she is fully aware of the dangers of online predators but when it comes to your kids you can never be too sure. Our little Sammy, is only five but for her birthday she got her very own mini laptop and while we still think she is a bit too young to email, this is definitely something we'll be more then happy to get in a couple more years.

TRY IT FREE now with a 30-day trial and afterwards if you're happy with the service you can get KidsEmail protection for up to 4 email accounts for only $4.95. Or you can get their 13 month special of 6 email accounts protected for just $2.99 a month! That's total email protection for your kids for just $2.99 a month! Why shouldn't you give it a try?!

So visit register and get your kid a safe and secure email account today! Because can protect your kids from online dangers, even when you can't be with them.

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