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Grow and Organic Vegetable Garden with Whitney Farms ~!

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If you have been dreaming of an organic vegetable garden, Whitney Farms® carries a varitey of organic gardening products that can help you. Whether you have a garden already and are looking to make it all organic or you want to grow the best for your family, with fresh organic produce, Whitney Farms has organic plant food and organic soil that will help your plants grow healthy and strong. 

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With 25+ years of leading gardening experience, Whitney Farms® products have:
  • low to no dust
  • no manure odor
  • are easy to apply
  • contain beneficial microbes
  • and are specially designed protein-based blends that provide your plants with both macro and micronutrients they need to grow and thrive
I have always wanted a garden so I could grow fresh veggies for the kids, but have never had a lot of space for one. It wasn't until recently that I found so many ideas online that have shown me you don't need a lot of space to grow either a beaitufl flower garden or a vegetable garden. Using planters for flowers and small plants you can grow on your stoop, deck or small patio and they look gorgeous. You can also find a small spot in your yard and have a raised garden bed like the one above. You can find a frame that fits your small space and still grow a variety of vegetables. This is the ultimate goal for me this summer. Our own organic vegetable garden would mean so many healthy veggies for everyone and it would give my mom something to tend to. 

If you are ready to grow the vegetable garden of your dreams, let Whitney Farms® organic 100% natural plant foods and soils give you a hand! Visit Whitney Farms online for a $3 off coupon to help you get started.

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