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Dawn Time Saving Kitchen Tips #DawnPowerClean #ad

Dish washing in our house is an all day event. I already use Dawn and have for years because it really is the best on grease, and because my moms cooking always includes oil, it's a must for us to have a dish soap that will cut through all that greasy mess and delivery shiny, clean dishes. For this post I took the Dawn Power Clean 5-minute soak challenge on our everyday dishes. No one likes to leave dishes over night soaking in the sink. Waking up to a sink full of dishes is no way to start the day, but sometimes dishes have so much stuck on food (hello brownie pan) there is no other alternative. Will Dawn Power Clean with its mico-scrubbing enzymes make the overnight soak a thing of the past?

I filled up the sink and added the new Dawn Power Clean to the mix and let them soak together for a full five minutes. Everything was mixed in there (as usual), utensils, glass cups, bowls and two greasy pans mom made Chilaquiles in. The worst were the pans, with the dried-on tortillas and sauce which had been sitting there for over an hour. The 5 minutes passed by quickly and I was not surprised to see that all the dishes needed was a quick scrub and rinse. The grease and dry food stuck to the pans was gone and even though everything had been mixed in together, even the cups were sparkly-clean. 

Even with a family as big as ours, you don't have to make the kitchen your life. We've had to come up with ways to spend less time cooking, cleaning and grocery shopping too. These are my tips for creating an efficient and time-saving  kitchen routine.

  • Everyone has to clean up for themselves: In this home unless you are under the age of 10, you have to do your own dishes during the day. In the evening one person will do dinner dishes but during the day, everyone washes every single thing they use and wipes down the sink area leaving a clean work space for the next person. 
  • Have all the essentials in the pantry. That way you don't find yourself having to make extra grocery trips. We try to only go once a week, if we have to go more times then that then we have failed miserably with our planning. This means a major shopping list, but if we only have to do it once a week, it is worth it.
  • Make a menu plan for the week. We can usually only do this for dinner, but it really helps out. We decide what to eat each day and make sure to include each item we need when we do the weekly shopping on Sunday night. Everything else like bread, turkey, milk and eggs are always purchased for the other 2 meals of the day.
  • At the end of the night wash the dishes. This is where the new Dawn Power Clean really comes into play. No more overnight soaking...just fill up your sink full of warm water and a little bit of Dawn and let it get to work. When you wake up in the morning, you will have a fresh kitchen to begin the day...and that is always nice!

With a little bit of planning and a very detailed shopping list you can cut back on your grocery shopping time, cooking time and with Dawn the cleaning time. The kitchen is the heart of every home but that does not mean that you should spend your time slaving away in it, instead spend that extra time you saved enjoying a good meal with your loved ones. 

Find out more about Dawn Power Clean by visiting the Dawn Facebook page.

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