- Sammy Makes Six

White Egg LayersHave you ever considered the possibility of laying your own eggs every day? You know what I mean, looking for chickens for sale and having them lay eggs so that every morning you and your family can enjoy freshly hatched eggs for breakfast. It’s a healthier, cheaper, and more convenient option, so why not? Well if you’re interested may be just the place you’ve been looking for. At California Hatchery you will find various poultry for sale. From chickens, ducks, geese, game birds, turkeys, and juvenile birds; to rare birds such as black copper maran chickens , barnevelder chicken, black silkies, golden sprangled hamburg, and so many more! You want it; they may most likely have it! Other items such as duck or chicken feed, poultry supplies, incubators, and hen house or chicken coops are available. So why shop for poultry at California Hatching? It’s simple not only are clients offered a wide variety of the highest quality of poultry available and the best prices around but when shopping at California Hatchery you’re guaranteed a safe arrival and they ship anywhere in the United States. So stop on by and get your family on that healthy path starting with their very own backyard chicken today!

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