PulsePoint (Contextweb): Making It Easy To Monetize Your Blog and Really Earn #Blogger #latinabloggers #monetize - Sammy Makes Six

PulsePoint (Contextweb): Making It Easy To Monetize Your Blog and Really Earn #Blogger #latinabloggers #monetize

Monetizing our blog with a CPM network that lets you earn even if your blog is not big with loads of traffic is not easy. After trying out so many different programs, this is the first time that I have found a network that makes it easy to join, easy to earn and that actually paid me within the first few months of joining.  

PulsePoint (AKA Contextweb) has not only paid me directly to my bank account, but they make getting these ads on our blogs really easy. Even someone with a very limited knowledge of HTML can put these ads up in minutes. What I really like about PulsePoint is that you don't get paid depending on ad clicks, because I am sure all of us know it's not easy to get clicks on ads at all. Some people are very turned off by ads in fact, and will avoid clicking them at all cost. With Pulse Point you get paid depending on your page impressions. 

I only wish I knew about this ad network four years ago when I started my first teeny-tiny blog. Back then I used Adgitize, Google Adsense (who almost immediately cancelled my account) and the most I was paid was about $30 for a year of ad placement. Even here on SMS, when we first began it had a lot of traffic, if we had been working with PulsePoint back then we would have earned a very nice sum, instead we started last year at our slowest point, but even like that we reached payout in less than two months! 

If you have a blog and are looking to make a real profit with it, I would recommend you try PulsePoint. There are not a lot of hoops to jump through, placement of ads is simple and every day you will see a balance in your account. There is a minimum $50 payout amount, that is very easy to reach and you get paid directly to your bank.

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